Devansh is back with “The Brace”

In "The Brace", Devansh explores emotional complexity through a fusion of indie-pop, alternative soul, and psychedelia, creating a cinematic sonic experience.

Devansh is back to our pages and it really makes us happy! After the success of the debut solo album “To Feel Free“, released in May 2023 and praised for its groovy blend of funk, soul, and indie-pop, the London-based artist is back to spread his New York City jazz background into the exhilarating world of psychedelic sounds.

After the album’s lead single, “What We Don’t See“, Devansh is now sharing its second release. In “The Brace“, the artist delves into a theme of emotional detachment and subsequent reconnection with a significant other, navigating conflicting emotions and desires. The track seamlessly blends elements of indie-pop, alternative soul, and psychedelia, showcasing a diverse production palette that includes ambient and funky guitars, strings, and an array of synthesizers such as the MiniMoog, Jupiter 8, Korg Delta, and Juno 106. With a mix of lush strings and spacey synths contrasting against a dynamic bass and drum groove, “The Brace” stands out as Devansh‘s most cinematic offering yet, capturing the complexity of human emotions within its sonic landscape.
Cutting it short: Devansh gave us another great piece of music!

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