Nick Marks’ “Touché Hombre”

Being both modern and reminiscent of funk’s belle epoque, “Touché Hombre” is quite the infectious vibe for the Spring!

New York artist Nick Marks blends jazz, electronica, and cinematic elements to create dynamic sonic narratives. Raised in Melbourne, Australia, Marks draws from a diverse musical background, infusing his compositions with jazz, R&B, funk, and Latin influences.
Trained in jazz and classical piano, with a passion for film scores and synthesizers, Marks crafts a unique sound that aims to connect deeply with listeners’ emotions. Since moving to New York in 2016, he has become a respected composer, producer, and musical director, with his work featured in film, television, and prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall. Marks‘ music, supported by BBC and other platforms, reflects the multifaceted nature of life, resonating with its complexities and beauties.

Touché Hombre” is a vibrant fusion of funk, soul, and hip-hop, served with a side of jazz sophistication. Reminiscent of a collaboration between D’Angelo and Parliament Funkadelic on the groovy streets of Motown, this track channels the spirit of Roy Hargrove and the RH Factor. Featuring electrifying synths and irresistible rhythms, it’s a sexy, toe-tapping anthem sure to get heads bopping.
The genesis of this infectious tune dates back to a late-night stroll through New York City, where the bass line and drum beats sparked inspiration. Influenced by the Broadway show “FUNKEDIFIED“, which explored the origins of dance styles like popping and locking, the track exudes the funky essence of Parliament, Rogers and Zapp, and Bootsy Collins. With Bob Lanzetti of Snarky Puppy on guitar, “Touché Hombre” is a dynamic showcase of musical prowess and infectious energy.

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