Feeling Echo Thrills’ “Sunshine”

Echo Thrills' latest drives audiences into an exhilarating journey through his sonic heterogeneity, promising an experience that is both nostalgic and avant-garde.

In the vibrant realm of musical innovation, emerges Echo Thrills, the brainchild of Stockholm’s own Oskar Jennefors. With a profound appreciation for a diverse spectrum of genres, Jennefors concocts a sonic landscape that pays homage to the soulful rhythms, disco beats, and psychedelic essence of the 1970s. His musical craftsmanship is distinguished by its infectious grooves, mesmerizing basslines, and whimsical psychedelic embellishments, seamlessly weaving together to transport listeners to a realm entirely of Jennefors’ own making.

In a sonic paradise, groovy drums entwine effortlessly with dreamy synths, all under the masterful guidance of Jennefors. His latest single, “Sunshine“, beckons listeners into a mesmerizing blend of psychedelic soul and indie rock.
But “Sunshine” is more than just music; it’s a heartfelt reminder of the joy found in love. This euphoric track is a radiant melody crafted for lovers, encouraging them to bask in the happiness of their connection. Whether you’re lost in introspection or sharing a serene moment with someone special, “Sunshine” wraps you in its warmth, offering solace and serenity.

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