klanglomerat and Anna Sharifi release “Sieben”

Blending classical, popular, and Persian influences, "Sieben" feels hopeful and transcendental!

Berlin-based musicians Kai Kreowski (bogsy) and Mark Beumer (Grey Paris) formed klanglomerat in 2021, envisioning an art collective blending electronic beats, analogue synthesizers, and acoustic instruments like piano, bass, clarinet, and guitar. Their experimental compositions traverse jazz, electronic, and neo-classical realms, with collaborative contributions from fellow Berlin musicians such as Arian Stechert, Jens Treffurt, Robin Hartkopf, Martin Fischer, and Coreena. Presently, klanglomerat performs live alongside Coreena, incorporating analog and digital synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and loop stations into their performances.

Sieben” marks the latest release from Berlin-based electro-acoustic outfit klanglomerat featuring Danish-Iranian singer and producer Anna Sharifi and Hungarian drummer Viktor Sandórfi. This collaboration yields a captivating and multifaceted track where Sharifi‘s vocals glide gracefully over delicate piano melodies and driving bass sequences, blending classical, popular, and Persian influences. Sandórfi’s prowess on the Nord Drum 3p introduces strong and unique sonic textures, while the synth-bass propels the song forward, echoing its necessary message of hope amidst adversity: “After the storm, a gentle breeze – caresses my hand and reminds me of tomorrow.”

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