Rose Brokenshire’s “Type Two”

"Type Two" celebrates the camaraderie of ski touring in the Canadian winter with friends, capturing the joy of overcoming challenges in a single song.

Rose Brokenshire, a captivating artist from Revelstoke, Canada, balances her life as a Wildland Firefighter with her passion for music, particularly during the winter months. Combining indie pop melodies with introspective solo piano, her music creates a mesmerizing atmosphere that transports listeners into a realm where the ocean’s soothing rhythms intertwine with human complexities.

Crafting hypnotic compositions that break new ground with electric textures and ambient vocals, Rose‘s forthcoming 6-song EP, set for release in June 2024, promises to further showcase her unique blend of genres and immersive storytelling, solidifying her status as an artist unafraid to delve into the depths of emotion and vulnerability, creating a truly intimate connection with her audience.

Rose‘s most recent release, “Type Two“, is an involving, chill and heartfelt tribute to the exhilarating moments of ski touring amidst the breathtaking Canadian winter landscapes, celebrating the bonds forged during the arduous uphill climbs with friends. Reflecting on the shared joy found in overcoming challenges, the song captures the essence of camaraderie and adventure, honoring those who make the journey as memorable as the destination.

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