JONES is sharing “Star” with us!

On this collab with Aaron Taylor, JONES brings the first single off her forthcoming EP.

Renowned as a soulful storyteller, London-based artist Cherie Jones-Mattis, professionally known as JONES, intricately crafts melodies that delve deep into the myriad emotions of the human soul. With a musical journey that commenced at the tender age of 15, JONES draws inspiration from iconic vocalists such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, infusing her compositions with their timeless allure. Raised by a single mother, her music embodies a fusion of resilience and determination, juxtaposed against the backdrop of her delicate yet hauntingly beautiful voice, forming a captivating narrative of strength and vulnerability.

In her most recent release, “Star“, JONES, under the production of Aaron Taylor, delivers a soulful masterpiece that seamlessly merges the timeless essence of classic soul with contemporary pop elements. The track emanates a celestial aura through its soul-stirring vocals and harmonious melodies, carrying an inspiring message of support and resilience. Reflecting the transformative power of music, “Star” not only uplifts but also promises a bright future for JONES‘s forthcoming EP. With its harmonious blend of sound, the song serves as a comforting companion, urging listeners to navigate life’s challenges with unwavering strength and optimism.

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