Sladek’s IDGAF (but I care)

"IDGAF (but I care)" explores the contrast between indifference and profound passion, crucial in the artistic realm.

Sladek, an Austrian-based band formed in 2017, delves deep into the expansive realm of soul music, showcasing their interpretation of its versatility and range in their debut album “Daydreamin‘” released in spring 2019. Led by lead singer and guitarist David Sladek, accompanied by Florian Muralter on bass and Raphael Vorraber on drums, the band presents a modern twist on soul and R’n’B, navigating the genre’s boundless possibilities with their unique conception.

IDGAF (but I care)” emerges as the second offering from Sladek‘s eagerly anticipated EP, encapsulating a thematic exploration of reconciling apathy with profound care. This track delves into the dichotomy of adopting a nonchalant attitude while simultaneously harboring a deep passion for one’s endeavors, particularly pertinent from an artistic standpoint where disregarding external opinions intersects with nurturing one’s craft and vision. Throughout the recording process of their latest songs, this concept has served as Sladek‘s guiding principle, propelling them towards discovering their most genuine and sincere sound. Each member adeptly balances indifference with consideration, intertwining their individual tastes to craft their music collectively.

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