dee holt’s “make a move”

dee holt's most recent single encourages listeners to embrace change and venture beyond their comfort zones.

Dee holt‘s journey into the music industry is a tale of natural talent and unexpected beginnings. From her humble roots of strumming alongside her father’s guitar in home videos to serenading family gatherings, dee‘s musical prowess was evident, even if she never considered it a career path. However, a pivotal moment during an intimate gathering, where her heartfelt performance moved her boyfriend’s family to tears, ignited the realization of her extraordinary gift. Teaming up with local producer Benjamin Nadeau, dee‘s debut EP “When I Close My Eyes” under Nettwerk Music Group catapulted her into the spotlight, earning millions of streams. Not only does dee possess a remarkable voice, but her artistic flair extends to designing her own artwork and directing music videos, adding an authentic touch to her magnetic persona.

Now, the Montreal’s alt-pop sensation makes a captivating return with her latest single “make a move“. Following the success of her EPs “When I Close My Eyes” and “i’ll be there” and standout performances at M for Montreal Fest, dee unveils a fresh sonic direction and aesthetic with this release. “make a move” urges listeners to embrace change and step out of their comfort zones, a sentiment inspired by dee’s own journey in music and visual arts. Her vocal delivery exudes newfound confidence, set against a lively reggae-infused guitar rhythm and dynamic drums. Accompanied by a lyric video showcasing dee‘s distinctive animated illustrations, the track marks an exciting evolution in her artistic trajectory.

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