Bluephox’s “Day and Night”

"Day and Night" it's a high-five to creativity, a fist bump to friendship, and a joyous leap into the musical unknown.

Bluephox, the musical alter ego of Philippa Magnusson, effortlessly navigates through a sonic landscape where 70s rock, 80s pop, electronic indie, and soul converge. Raised in Stockholm with the sea and music as steadfast companions, her upbringing was steeped in the musical legacy of her father, a renowned guitarist of the 60s. Surrounded by the timeless sounds of Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison, and Sting, as well as her brother’s renditions of Stevie Wonder and Supertramp, Bluephox absorbed a rich tapestry of influences. Her debut album was a testament to this eclectic upbringing, seamlessly blending carefree, laid-back melodies with a tinge of blue melancholy, as she forges her own distinct musical identity.

Now, likened to the likes of Robyn, HAIM, and Bonnie Tyler, Bluephox brings forth her sixth single, “Day and Night“, heralding a fresh chapter in her burgeoning career. Collaborating with newfound songwriter and producer Michelle Amkoff, Bluephox crafts a sonic narrative that exudes the essence of a lively studio gathering, complete with cozy wool slippers and the warmth of newfound camaraderie. Reflecting on the creative process, Bluephox describes the song as a product of spontaneous collaboration, capturing the essence of a danceable, semi-electronic vintage vibe. “Day and Night” is more than just a track; it’s a celebration of creativity, friendship, and the joyous spirit of musical exploration.

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