Elevating Depths: “Restless” is Ella van der Woude’s break-trough

Lost in echoes, found in resonance.

Photo art by @cyrielleformaz (IG)

Meet the magnetic pull of introspection and sonic allure in Ella van der Woude‘s latest single, “Restless“. Diving into a realm where slowcore meets indie-rock, this track transcends mere music, immersing listeners in a symphony of raw emotion and profound depth. With echoes reminiscent of luminaries like Sharon Van Etten and PJ Harvey, Ella’s commanding vocals and evocative lyricism beckon audiences into a poignant journey of self-discovery and catharsis.

Restless” unfolds as a tapestry of tangled emotions, weaving together threads of shame, guilt, and melancholy in a haunting symphony. Ella’s soulful voice, rich with depth and resonance, becomes the vessel through which these emotions find expression, resonating with a childlike yearning for resolution. As the song progresses, it defies conventional structures, embracing moments of quiet introspection before erupting into dark crescendos that stir the soul. In it all, “Restless” invites listeners to confront their inner turmoil and embrace the transformative power of vulnerability.

Photo art by @cyrielleformaz (IG)

The track showcases Ella van der Woude’s boundless artistry and creative vision. As a Swiss-Dutch musician, songwriter, and composer based in Amsterdam, Ella has carved a niche for herself with her multifaceted talents. From scoring award-winning films to crafting ethereal piano instrumentals, her work transcends boundaries. With her debut album serving as a testament to her creative evolution, Ella continues to push the boundaries of sonic exploration, captivating listeners with her mesmerizing melodies and raw, unfiltered lyricism.

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