Dreamscape Serenade: Introducing “Sonho”, mokina’s new collab

Unveiling a mesmerizing collaboration blending melancholy and dreams.

Unveiling the hypnotic melodies of “Sonho” (Portuguese for “dream”) this is the inaugural single from the collaborative prowess of mokina and Jeremy Lachance that you can hear on the short EP “3 músicas escritas em Londres” (3 songs written in London).

In it, we dive deeply into the ethereal soundscape crafted by the fusion of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Lachance and the new Portuguese indie darling mokina. “Sonho” emerges as a melodic masterpiece, oscillating between contemplation and reverie, drawing listeners into its captivating embrace. With its gorgeous guitar melodies, the track delicately balances comfort and melancholy, offering a dreamy journey that spans mere minutes yet evokes a spectrum of emotions.

At the heart of “Sonho” lies the guitar, serving as both solace and rupture within its deliberate melancholy. In less than two minutes, the song transports audiences into a realm of calmness, inspiration, and passion, deftly weaving a tapestry of emotions within its fleeting duration. Sung entirely in Portuguese, the track not only showcases mokina’s expertise in the language but also underscores a universal resonance, inviting listeners into a dreamscape of introspection and longing.

mokina is a self-proclaimed “beach bum and mermaid in real life“. Having garnered acclaim with her EP “swirly” she captivates audiences with her infectious indie anthems, earning recognition from curators across continents. Based in Portugal she’s been building their career on the interception of Portuguese elements with her native roots.