Draumr’s “Halcyon Slumber”

Draumr blends Ethnic Electronica and Synth Pop in his latest release, marking a departure from his usual style.

French musician, producer, and director Gabriel Cheurfa, known by his solo project Draumr, crafts a mesmerizing sonic and visual experience rooted in dreamscapes and nostalgia. Drawing from influences like David Lynch, Michel Gondry, and Salvador Dalí, his distinct blend of dream pop, downtempo, and chillwave transports listeners to a realm where past and present intersect. With previous EPs “Nefelibata” and “Ethereal Mildness” setting the stage, Draumr‘s debut album “Drawn-Out Daydream” captivates with its ethereal layers and collaborations with vocalist Dorcas.

Draumr embarks on a genre-bending journey, teasing listeners with a taste of what’s to come on his highly anticipated upcoming album. Following the triumph of his latest hit singles, which collectively boast an impressive 300,000 streams on Spotify, the artist showcases his versatility yet again. “Halcyon Slumber” sees Draumr seamlessly melding elements of Ethnic Electronica and Synth Pop into a hypnotic, groove-laden mambo dance, signaling a departure from his usual sonic terrain. This tantalizing glimpse into his evolving sound hints at an album that promises to defy expectations and captivate audiences anew.

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