Art by @mileswintner (IG) for Humbird's "Right On"
From all indie genres, Folk seems to have a special place in our hearts. We can't help to get back to folk songs when we look for some calm and inspiration. When we want to hope for a nice dream. Or when we are feeling in the mood for some very well told stories. As an honour to those feelings, this series is entitled TIFU (Today I Folked Up). Only folk songs from new folk artists. To let you and ourselves go. 

Adam Bruce – Hello From the Future

In the colourful tapestry of Arizona’s music scene, Adam Bruce emerges as a vibrant thread weaving together decades of songwriting prowess and collaborative spirit. Hailing from the sun-kissed lands of Arizona, Bruce brings forth a musical journey that transcends boundaries, blending elements of psychedelic folk rock with hints of Beatlesque harmonies and ethereal guitar work reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Adam Bruce‘s current project resonates with a captivating fusion of folk alt-country flavours, creating a relaxed scenery that is as expansive as the desert skies that have long inspired his creativity. With a band comprising members from esteemed acts like What Laura Says, Mergence, and Sci-Fi Country, Adam Bruce‘s musical efforts have traversed the Southwest, leaving behind a trail of enchanting performances and soul-stirring compositions.

Hello From the Future” beckons listeners on a transcendent voyage through the corridors of psychedelic folk rock, echoing with the nostalgia of 60s and 70s musical sensibilities. Born from the immersive experiences of performing within the surreal realms of MEOW WOLF Denver’s Convergence Station, this track pulsates with a mesmerizing blend of experimental vocal harmonies and slide guitars, evoking a sense of otherworldly wonder. As the verses sing about existential musings reflective of the tumultuous past years, the chorus emerges as a cryptic yet alluring transmission from the future, enveloped in the enigmatic embrace of triple-part harmonies and intricately woven guitar melodies.

CALICO – Ode To You

In the intimate world of folk music, where authenticity is prized above all else, CALICO emerges as a refreshing force, blending the courage of a debut artist with the seasoned skill of seasoned professionals. Hailing from the picturesque landscape of British Columbia, this independent Folk/Americana band forged their identity during the crucible of the pandemic, a testament to their resilience and commitment to their craft. Led by the earnest vocals and rhythmic guitar of Tony Cecchetti, supported by the harmonious backdrop of Chris Couto, Will Lloyd, and JeanSe LeDoujet, CALICO embarks on a journey of personal discovery and collaborative artistry. Their forthcoming album “A Midnight Moon” is a testament to this journey, drawing inspiration from legends like Bob Dylan while embracing the modern echoes of The War On Drugs and Nathaniel Rateliff. This album, born from the isolation of lockdown, showcases their ability to weave intricate narratives and diverse musical landscapes, offering a heartfelt nod to folk, Americana, and indie rock alike.

“Ode Tou You” whispers its story with a delicate blend of folk intimacy and pop sensibility. CALICO‘s latest single lifts an air of undeniable quality and courage. With a melodic flow reminiscent of the best troubadours of folk, the song weaves a captivating tale atop a mesmerizing combination of piano and guitar. The enchanting vocals carry the listener through a journey of precarious love and lingering emptiness, guided by a rhythm that dances like a celebratory funeral march. As the drums weave intricate hooks and the melody evokes shades of The Tallest Man on Earth’s finest works, “Ode To You” becomes an anthem of inspiration, easy to love and even easier to find oneself lost within its captivating melodies.

Humbird – Right On

Humbird‘s musical evolution stems from a childhood immersed in the power of storytelling, culminating in her critically acclaimed debut album, “Pharmakon“, released in 2019. With accolades ranging from Folk Alley’s hypnotic listening experience to Atwood Magazine’s praise for its gentle rebellion, “Pharmakon” introduced audiences to Humbird’s harmonic folk style.

Humbird emerges once again with her third full-length album, “Right On“, showcasing a bold departure from her previous folk musings into electrified, gritty Americana. Humbird’s journey through this radical ethos of endurance amid uncertainty is reflected in the title track, “Right On”. This album opener sets the tone for a collection that blends the crystalline chill of her northern roots with a newfound warmth and electric playfulness. Undlin’s background steeped in church choirs and traditional Irish ensembles infuses her music with unwavering fortitude, mirroring her lyrical explorations of the complexities of the world. Produced by Shane Leonard, the track was meticulously crafted over two muggy weeks in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, capturing Humbird’s metamorphosis into a locked-in rock trio while retaining the whimsical improvisations that define her live performances.

Lily Kershaw – Americandream

With a distinctive voice and introspective lyricism, Lily Kershaw captivates listeners, inviting them into her world of raw emotion and introspection. As anticipation builds for her upcoming album, Lily continues to solidify her place as a poignant storyteller in the indie folk landscape, leaving a lasting impact with each new release.

In a bold move showcasing tremendous courage and quality, Lily Kershaw, the Los Angeles singer-songwriter, returns with her latest single “Americandream” marking her first release since 2020. Known for her wistful and introspective songwriting, Lily opens up like never before in this track, delving into her personal experience with prolonged depression. Produced by Brandon Walters of Lord Huron fame, the track offers a beautiful and magical glimpse into Lily’s upcoming album, slated for release in 2024. Through candid lyrics and haunting melodies, Lily navigates the complexities of mental health, shedding light on her journey with honesty and vulnerability.

Luna Keller – Swallow The Sea

Luna Keller emerges from the intersections of Spanish and German cultures with a musical tapestry woven from the threads of her nomadic upbringing. Having relocated from Germany to Spain during infancy, Luna’s childhood was marked by a perpetual journey, nurturing her affinity for exploration and introspection. Music, an ever-present companion, evolved from lullabies sung by her parents to a medium of profound self-expression. Luna’s musical universe, enriched by intimate melodies and pop-ish narratives, reflects her diverse influences. Her debut album, “Prophecies and Silver Linings” unveiled in 2022, marked a milestone in Luna’s career, setting the stage for her artistic pilgrimage across Europe (including playing a virtual show for us). Now based in Germany, Luna’s indomitable spirit fuels her creative capacity, encompassing recording, writing, and extensive touring.

In her latest offering, “Swallow The Sea”, Luna Keller embarks on a soul-stirring exploration of the labyrinthine corridors of mental health. In the fourth chapter of her magnum opus, “Ocean Inside Of Me” Luna beckons listeners into the depths of her psyche, unravelling the shadows of shame and the clandestine struggles concealed beneath societal veneers. Through haunting melodies and introspective lyricism, Luna crafts a deep dialogue with her innermost fears, laying bare the complexities of navigating depression’s tumultuous seas. Collaborating with producer Dominic Romano in California, Luna distills her emotive vision into a quintessentially indie folk composition, characterized by ethereal harmonies and luminous guitar refrains.

Niamh Regan – Madonna

Niamh Regan emerges once again, poised to captivate audiences with her forthcoming album, “Come As You Are“. Following the resounding success of her debut album, “Hemet” which garnered over a million streams on Spotify and earned her nominations for prestigious awards, Regan solidified her place as a compelling figure in Ireland’s music scene. With a background in flute and guitar from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, her journey as a songwriter has been a transatlantic odyssey, melding the intimacy of Irish lyrical tradition with the vastness of American influences like Karen Dalton and Joni Mitchell. The upcoming album, goes deep into themes of self-doubt, introspection, and acceptance, reflecting the universal struggles of navigating adulthood and finding peace within oneself. Inspired by artists like Julia Jacklin and Wilco, Regan aimed to craft a richer, more expansive sound for this album, marking a bold evolution in her musical journey.

“Madonna” the first single from the album, serves as a brilliant introduction to her new musical chapter. Written in a stream of consciousness, the song tackles the pervasive issue of violence against women while defying genre expectations, showcasing Regan’s prowess as a singer-songwriter. Recorded live in a raw, one-take session, “Madonna” exudes a hymnal warmth, with Regan’s soul-stirring vocals accompanied solely by her acoustic guitar. This stripped-down approach amplifies the song’s emotional resonance, inviting listeners into an intimate space where vulnerability and strength intersect. As Regan reflects on her journey of self-acceptance and realism, “Madonna” stands as a brave and unfiltered expression of her artistry, setting the stage for what promises to be a deeply evocative and introspective album.

Nikki Falk – Riverbed

In the heart of Lisbon, listening to this amidst the cobblestone streets and ancient alleys, Nikki Falk emerges as a captivating new voice in the indie folk scene. This enigmatic artist still shrouded in mystery, courageously steps into the spotlight with a debut single that resonates with a rare blend of vulnerability and quality craftsmanship. With a sound that deftly blends singer-songwriter sensibilities with indie and alternative influences, Falk’s arrival is met by the people in this blog with anticipation and intrigue. Little is known about this newcomer, but the music speaks volumes, offering a glimpse into a world where introspection meets artistry in a profound and soul-stirring manner.

“Riverbed”, the eponymous debut single, flows like a gentle stream through the listener’s consciousness, weaving a tapestry of meditative melodies and moody undertones. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Clairo and The Japanese House, the track showcases Nikki’s adeptness at layering vocals over original melodies and haunting instrumentals. It’s a song that invites introspection, evoking imagery of tranquil riverbanks and serene forests, where the complexities of everyday life melt away into a comforting embrace of euphoria. With its acoustic depth and poignant lyricism, “Riverbed” serves as a gentle reminder that beauty often lies in simplicity, making it a perfect addition to any folk aficionado’s playlist. A debut single that stands as a testament to the power of raw emotion and the timeless allure of folk storytelling. The perfect Folk debut.

Oscilla – Tongue-Tied

Oscilla is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Frances England and producer Omar Akrouche, blending synth-folk intricacies with heartfelt lyrics exploring love and human connection. Their debut album, “Everlasting“, produced by John Vanderslice at San Francisco’s Tiny Telephone studio, showcases their collaborative genius. Beyond their music, Frances England’s community initiatives like the SF Songwriter Circle enrich the Oscilla experience with authenticity and warmth.

Oscilla‘s latest single, “Tongue-Tied“, offers a glimpse into their upcoming EP, “Drink Up the Sun“, set to release on May 25, 2024. The song, captured in part using a vintage handheld cassette player from the 1970s, seamlessly blends rich, saturated tones with a poignant sense of nostalgia. Frances demonstrates her knack for crafting memorable melodies, inviting listeners on an immersive journey through gentle, painterly soundscapes. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Elliott Smith, Innocence Mission, and Boards of Canada, Oscilla evokes powerful emotions and memories with each note, promising an EP that will captivate and enchant.

PANS – Dusty Hands

The Inner Muse is an indie ensemble hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Miami, Florida, weaving a tapestry of chamber pop, rock, and folk influences into their multi-instrumental compositions. With a vision to encapsulate the essence of life through music, the band crafts evocative melodies that resonate with raw emotion and introspection. Led by a collective spirit of creativity and expression, The Inner Muse orchestrates sonic landscapes that capture the ebb and flow of human experience.

Dusty Hands” is a reflection on the intricate dance between patience and surrender, captured in a melodic embrace of folk-inspired orchestration. This soul-stirring track by Miami-based indie band, The Inner Muse, beckons listeners into a realm where time unravels like threads of an ancient tapestry. With a blend of post-World War I parlour guitars, and century-old pianos, the song paints a vivid portrait of the struggle against time’s relentless march. Yet, amidst the swirling orchestral arrangements and haunting violins, there lies a moment of exquisite surrender, akin to a slow dance in an abandoned ballroom. As the first of two singles preceding their upcoming EP, “Passing The Ghost“, “Dusty Hands” talks about themes of mortality and the passage of time, inviting listeners to navigate the depths of existential introspection.

Ross Newhouse – The Spider Song

Ross Newhouse hails from the heart of New Jersey, where his songwriting weaves tales reminiscent of flipping through a stranger’s cherished memories. Each melody carries the weight of shared experiences, inviting listeners to laugh, cry, and reflect on life’s intricacies. With a knack for storytelling, Ross captivates audiences during live performances, painting vivid scenes that transport them to the very moments of inspiration. His music resonates profoundly, sparking conversations that span from joyous celebrations to moments of profound loss. Drawing comparisons to local luminaries like Adam Melchor and Pinegrove, Ross earned recognition as one of NJ.com’s “Artists You Need to Hear in 2022“.

The Spider Song” spins a brilliant narrative that delves deeper than its title suggests. Ross Newhouse intricately intertwines themes of vulnerability and introspection, drawing parallels between his girlfriend’s compassionate stance on spiders and hwn self-critical tendencies. He navigates a soul-searching journey through poetic lyricism, where arachnids serve as a metaphor for inner demons. Against a backdrop of delicate acoustic guitar and tender piano melodies, the song unfolds with an inspiring grace. Newhouse’s vocals, characterized by their beauty and sensitivity, effortlessly pierce the heart, while evoking a poignant resemblance to acts like The Weepies.

Rose Brokenshire – Habit to Help

In the vast landscape of music, where emerging artists often tiptoe the line between courage and vulnerability, Rose Brokenshire emerges as a beacon of authenticity and raw talent. Hailing from the serene backdrop of Golden, British Columbia, this enigmatic musician is set to captivate listeners with her debut single, showcasing both tremendous courage and quality craftsmanship. With a background as a Wildland Firefighter, Rose brings a unique perspective to her music, infusing it with the resilience and introspection gained from her experiences. Her journey from Toronto’s folk music scene to crafting ambient electronic tunes reflects a metamorphosis marked by both growth and introspection. Through her music, Rose invites listeners into a realm where desolation intertwines with daydreams, creating a sonic landscape that resonates with the human condition.

“Habit to Help” offers a narrative of self-discovery and resilience. As a Wildland Firefighter turned musician, Rose channels her experiences into a heartfelt melody that navigates the complexities of learning to be there for oneself during challenging times. With ambient vocals and atmospheric musical elements, the song transcends mere chord progressions, enveloping listeners in a cathartic journey of introspection and growth. Rose’s earnest lyrics, rooted in personal experiences, resonate with authenticity, inviting listeners to embark on a soul-stirring exploration of self-compassion and emotional resilience. Through “Habit to Help” Rose Brokenshire not only showcases her musical prowess but also offers a profound reflection on the human spirit’s capacity for strength and self-discovery.

Tamu Massif – long goodbye

Drawing from a diverse array of influences spanning electronic, hip-hop, and ambient genres, Tamu Massif emerges as a compelling figure within the folk music landscape. Renowned for his unconventional approach to songwriting and production, Tamu Massif’s music is characterized by a rich tapestry of sounds and textures that defy traditional categorization. His latest album, “Late To My Funeral“, showcases a departure from previous methods, with Tamu shifting his focus to a more stripped-back, vulnerable songwriting process. As he explains, “I feel like the best songs tend to work in a stripped-back form – so starting from that point leaves you with something a bit more raw and vulnerable”. Embracing this newfound authenticity, Tamu Massif embarks on a creative journey marked by introspection and experimentation, culminating in a series of forthcoming EPs that promise to captivate audiences with their distinctive blend of folk, indie, and electronica influences.

Long Goodbye” ventures into the realm of folk with both courage and quality. The track encapsulates the essence of melancholic beauty. “Trying to capture that feeling of a sad day where you feel the sun on your shoulders for the first time in a while, ‘Long Goodbye’ started as an improvised melody I sang while playing acoustic guitar up on my girlfriend’s windy roof terrace in Sardinia. I found a recording of that idea a few weeks ago and decided to develop it. The lyrics came easy – it’s about appreciating what you got and letting go of your insecurities“. With this evocative narrative woven into the fabric of the track, listeners are invited on a poignant journey through themes of introspection and acceptance.

Trine Jørck – Limbo

Trine Jørck emerges as a new voice in the fusion of folk and alternative pop with her debut solo single, “Limbo“. Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Jørck has a musical journey that spans various bands including JØRCK, Nymalet, and Aesther. Despite her explorations across different musical projects, her lyrical focus on existential themes remains a constant, underscored by a dreamy atmosphere tinged with melancholy. Drawing inspiration from artists like Marissa Nadler, Julie Byrne, and Aldous Harding, Jørck’s solo work showcases her mastery in crafting sensibly powerful, haunting, and melodically melancholic compositions. Within her vocals lies a captivating interplay of light and shadow, inviting listeners into introspective moments that resonate long after the song ends.

“Limbo” is a mesmerizing blend of folk and alternative pop, where Trine Jørck’s evocative vocals take centre stage. With delicate similarities to luminaries in the genre, the track exudes a haunting allure, drawing listeners into a realm where vulnerability intertwines with strength. Its sensibility lies in its ability to evoke a spectrum of emotions, from the gentle tug of melancholy to the transcendent beauty of introspection. Through ethereal melodies and a lyrical depth reminiscent of starlit reflections, Jørck’s debut solo offering invites audiences to immerse themselves in moments of contemplation, gazing into the depths of their existence while finding solace in the shared human experience.

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