Suzanimal’s “Diving”

On "Diving", Suzanimal focus on one thing only - If you're going to do it, do it head first!

Suzanimal, helmed by San Francisco Bay Area multi-talent Suzanne Galal, crafts smart and playful psychedelic pop/rock inspired by the likes of Talking Heads, Caroline Rose, and Tune-Yards. Galal, a scientist and pharmacy professor turned bassist and songwriter, discovered her groove at 30, delivering confident, groove-centric tracks. Her seductive vocals, curiosity-driven lyrics, and a rotating lineup of seasoned musicians create a genre-defying experience. Renowned for captivating live shows that seamlessly blend rhythm and surprise, Suzanimal invites audiences to surrender to the beat and stay intrigued until the afterparty beckons.

Suzanimal‘s latest release, “Diving“, serves as an anthem for wholehearted immersion, advocating for the plunge into one’s passions without hesitation. Energized by a dynamic bass line and infectious guitar and synth hooks, the song evokes a sensation of weightlessness akin to being in water. The outro, commencing at 2:35, intensifies the experience, building tension as the listener contemplates taking the ultimate leap despite any lingering resistance. With escalating intensity from the band and compelling vocals chanting “you’ll be glad you did“, “Diving” encapsulates the exhilarating journey of embracing one’s pursuits with unwavering commitment.

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