[TGIF] February Light

Fresh tracks from up-and-coming artists. It's TGIF!

Photo: @songsbybernie (IG) for Kaycie Atterfield neweste "jetsam"
Welcome to "Thank God It's Friday" where we dive into the latest musical releases that have been setting our "earing pupils" on fire. As we bid farewell to another exciting week, we can't help but celebrate the incredible tracks that have graced our ears in recent weeks. From infectious pop hits to electronic and rock-ish stirring records, this post is dedicated to showcasing the best of the best. Get ready to discover your new favourite songs and let the music take you on a captivating ride. It's time to turn up the volume and embrace the magic of these incredible releases. Let the music speak, and let the weekend begin in style.

Cloudbelly – Restless Things

Cloudbelly, the award-winning indie-folk outfit hailing from Western Massachusetts offers a spellbinding musical experience that seamlessly marries intimacy with cinematic flair. Fronted by singer-songwriter Corey Laitman, whose haunting vocals echo the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Joni Mitchell, the band crafts ethereal soundscapes enriched by poetic lyricism. Alongside Laitman, guitarist Sam Perry (SVIP) and drummer Nate Mondschein contribute their talents, further enhancing Cloudbelly‘s enchanting sonic journey.
Restless Things” is the latest offering from Cloudbelly‘s highly anticipated LP, “i know i know i know” and serves as both a nostalgic reflection and a captivating sonic journey. This track, born earliest in the album’s creation yet completed last, unravels a poignant love story from its inception to its aftermath. With poignant lyricism and a haunting wordless vocal hook, the song delicately explores the complexities of longing and heartache. As the arrangement evolves, transitioning from meditative pulses to anthemic distortions, “Restless Things” culminates in a powerful crescendo, leaving listeners spellbound by its emotive intensity.

Kevin Twomey – Womb with a View

Bigger, the brainchild of singer Kevin Twomey, was sparked by a serendipitous meeting with musician Guillaume Amoureux, leading to the creation of an EP. Their collaboration unfolded in a tiny apartment, blending Twomey‘s detailed vision with Amoureux’s fresh ideas. Influenced by folk icons like Kevin Morby and Elliott Smith, and inspired by Beck’s “Sea Change”, their music was crafted with minimal equipment—a few microphones, a laptop, and some instruments. The result is a collection of tracks imbued with simplicity, authenticity, and a hint of offbeat charm.
In its latest release, “Womb with a View“, a captivating alternative pop anthem, the fusion of catchy melodies and melancholic undertones delivers a powerful message: embracing one’s past and opening up to others can pave the way for boundless possibilities. Drawing inspiration from the energetic post-punk vibes reminiscent of Stuck in the Sound’s early days, the track evolves into a hybridized, trans-generational sound that propels listeners into the future.

emize – i’m coming home

Brooklyn-based emize debuts with “text me when u get home“, an EP delving into Asian American rage and grief. From composing for orchestras at 11 to embracing industrial sounds influenced by SOPHIE and FKA twigs, her music evolved. The pandemic and a surge in anti-Asian hate crimes reshaped her relationship with music, leading to this raw, humanizing creation, co-produced by Maryam Qudus at Oakland’s Tiny Telephone, resonating with those who didn’t make it home safely.
In “i’m coming home“, the closing track of her EP, emize captures the bittersweet emotions of returning home after a prolonged absence. The song encapsulates a sense of relief intertwined with resignation, reflecting on the familiarity and flaws of a deeply known place. Serving as a poignant tribute to victims of hate crimes amidst the pandemic, this track resonates with those who yearn for the safety of home yet confront the harsh realities of the world outside.

Highline – Believe Me I’ll Run

Introducing the latest heartfelt anthem from Sydney’s own Highline, “Believe Me I’ll Run” captures the essence of wholehearted commitment in a relationship, echoing lead singer Sam Rigney’s deep sentiments. Evolving from their humble beginnings jamming during school lunch breaks to becoming a formidable force in the indie rock scene, Highline’s distinct blend of warmth and genre fusion shines through in this track. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, their resilience shines bright, with accolades pouring in from various esteemed platforms including MTV Australia, Triple J Unearthed, and Spotify playlists. As the band continues to carve their path with memorable live performances and chart-topping singles, “Believe Me I’ll Run” stands for its musical prowess, modern relevance, and gorgeous melodies, promising listeners an emotive journey through the highs and lows of love.

Kahone Concept – Laughing at a Funeral

Kahone Concept traces its roots back to 1969, yet its genesis extends far earlier for its Pittsburgh-based pop artist/producer, Ben Kahone, now 56. Self-taught in multiple instruments since childhood, Kahone‘s solitary musical journey began out of necessity, spurred by his struggle to find bandmates. Armed with a Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS calculator from high school, he embarked on independent recording and production endeavors.
In the musical journey of Kahone Concept, he got used to a lifetime of being labeled the class clown and facing the repercussions of his hyperactive antics. Reflecting on past experiences with a blend of humor and introspection, Kahone Concept reveals the challenges of suppressing nervous laughter, even in the most solemn moments. With a candid narrative, “Laughing at a Funeral” emerges as the 11th installment in Kahone Concept‘s ambitious project: producing, writing, and releasing a song each month for a year. As the project nears its culmination this May, all tracks will converge into Kahone Concept‘s debut album, boldly named “The Greatest Hits“.

Kaycie Satterfield – Jetsam

Texas native and first-generation New Yorker, Kaycie Satterfield, unveils a fresh melody, drawing from her diverse musical upbringing. With roots in Western Swing and a jazz-infused education, her indie-rock compositions bear traces of her rich musical journey. Having honed her craft in Nashville for five years, Satterfield‘s influences range from the classic sounds of Carole King and Joni Mitchell to the timeless melodies of the Beatles.
On her latest release, the dream-pop driven “Jetsam”, she told us: “Jetsam is for the girls. Specifically, the girls who always stay a little messy, who could never quite get their hair to fall neat, who could never really pull a nice outfit together. Who never got asked to winter formal. Size medium but invisible girls. Never-heard-of-Brandy Melville girls. Loser girls. B+ girls. Stoner, but can’t quite figure out how to not be too dark at the function girls. God complex girls. Something to everyone because you’ve got an approval kink girls. Smart, but not booksmart girls. Uncomfy in low-rise jeans girls. Pretty, but not hot girl, pretty girls. Usually harnessing it into some irresistible combination of quirk and aloofness, but kinda tired right now and just wishing they could assimilate for two seconds girls

Matt Storm – APOLOGIZE

Matt Storm seamlessly blends vintage soul and jazz with modern alternative sounds, crafting introspective lyrics since the age of 13. As a multi-instrumentalist and third culture kid, born in the U.S. and raised overseas before settling in Western Canada, his self-taught style reflects his unconventional upbringing. Storm has been touring extensively since 2014, collaborating with JUNO-nominated artists behind the scenes. His upcoming EP, “SPILT“, promises an experimental fusion of influences accumulated over the years, showcasing his evolving artistry.
Matt Storm‘s “APOLOGIZE” delves into the depths of self-forgiveness and discovery, navigating the intricate nuances of doubt and depression. This introspective track captures the tension preceding understanding, painting a vivid picture of inner conflict. Storm‘s exploration of darker jazz tones, featuring warbly guitar accents, improvisational flute, and psychedelic keyboard effects, creates an immersive sonic experience that invites listeners into the protagonist’s journey through the labyrinth of his psyche.

WIINSTON – thousand oaks

The latest track from the dynamic Danish duo WIINSTON (already featured here), “thousand oaks” marks their innovative “SKITZO” project. With a history of international success including a signing at Capital Records US and sold-out headline shows, WIINSTON delivers a unique musical experience with contradicting moods and productions within each song. “thousand oaks” explores the complexities of adulthood while yearning for youthful freedom, blending heartfelt lyrics with captivating melodies. Comprised of Alfred Thomas and Daniel Richards, WIINSTON‘s collaborative process shines through in their artfully arranged music, reflecting their diverse musical backgrounds and instinct-guided creativity. This is a gorgeous journey that while taking inspiration from well-known acts, still sounds fresh and goes from intimate heartbreak to vibrant dance floors.