PAPOOZ’s “IT HURTS ME” is here!

The french duo is back with little cute aliens in their fresh new song - "IT HURTS ME" opens the gates to RESONATE.

PAPOOZ effortlessly channels a captivating blend of sway pop and undeniable groove, reminiscent of acclaimed compatriots like Phoenix and L’Impératrice. The band’s live performances, having successfully toured America with sold-out shows at renowned venues such as LA’s The Lodgeroom and NY’s Elsewhere, showcase their mastery as a 5-piece ensemble. With a penchant for infusing tropical pop and wild bossa nova elements, their sound is deeply rooted in the American stylings of the seventies. Ulysse and Armand, the dynamic duo at the helm, exhibit a seamless synergy, skillfully countering ambient gloom with their falsely nonchalant yet wholly inspired musical expressions.

Their latest long play work, “RESONATE“, unfolds across eleven tracks, showcasing their adept exploration of rock, pop, and song. Fueled by a keen sense of melody that strikes at the heart, the album features finely crafted lyrics delivered through the sublimely androgynous voices of Armand and Ulysse. The music radiates a joyous, stirring groove that proves irresistibly infectious.
In tandem with the release of “RESONATE“, PAPOOZ unveils an exhilarating short film titled “IT HURTS ME“, captured by the talented artist/director Moodoïd amidst the vibrant landscapes of New York’s SoHo and Central Park. This track, showcasing the whole album feeling, sweats style all over the dancefloor: Sounding both infectious chill and upbeat at the same time, it is not obvious but highly catchy and addictive. Everything gets a new light with the almost cinematic video in the dimmed-lighten streets of THE city. Like a nice cigarette after a good meal and a coffee, this song works. Like really, really works!

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