James Wyatt Crosby’s recurring dream.

On his latest album, this Ontario-based composer shares "Same Dream Every Night".

James Wyatt Crosby, a musician based in Tiny, Ontario, Canada, gained recognition with his 2017 debut album “Twins“, highlighted by the sleeper hit “Deep In Yr Mind“, surpassing 10 million streams worldwide. The album earned acclaim, securing a spot in Nerdist’s “25 Best Underground Albums Of 2017”. Subsequent successes included the 2018 single “Lemonade (No I Never)” and the 2019 EP “Here We Are in Heaven“. Rediscovery in 2021-22 through TV placements and the release of singles like “Shadow of a Ghost” and “Is There a Reason?” marked James‘ return from a pandemic-induced hiatus. He is now poised to unveil a new album, “Happy Memories“, in January 2024 on Wavy Sun, a Canadian dream pop/chillwave/indie surf label.

Same Dream Every Night“, the opening track from James Wyatt Crosby‘s newest album, intricately weaves a dreamlike atmosphere that blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Anchored by a nostalgic piano loop that persists throughout, the song explores the theme of repetitive dreams, mirrored in the lyrics. The introduction, with its starry-eyed aura, transitions into a danceable groove marked by an enigmatic lyric about seeking solace in dreams. Layers of windswept guitar textures build to a symphonic middle section, emphasizing the paradoxical desire for authenticity within the dream realm. The bridge delves into the longing for self-acceptance, culminating in a show-stopping guitar solo before simmering down. The lyrics, seemingly hinting at a romantic narrative, also unveil a deeper exploration of the obsessive relationship between personal fantasies and reality, intertwining themes of artistic creation, sincerity, romantic love, and the complex nature of dreams and memory, resonating throughout the entirety of “Happy Memories“.

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