Dinah’s “Hummingbird”

Dinah is the name and creating beautiful soundscapes is the game! "Hummingbird" is out!

Toronto-based Dinah Thorpe, known for her dual identity as a gentle giant and skilled basketball player, defies past dismissals by seamlessly blending the emotional and physical in her music. Now releasing her sixth album, “Dinah!“, written and recorded during the pandemic, she describes her genre as “putting sad words inside of bangers“. Critics compare her to Portishead, Laurie Anderson, Dirty Projectors, and David Bowie. The 17 short and intense tracks on “Dinah!” showcase her clever composition, inspired by a sequencer and bass ukulele. Influenced by glitch elements and ’90s techno, the album reflects a dynamic fusion of sound. The pandemic altered her relationship with her voice, turning it into a conduit for self-expression and mysticism. “Dinah!” is a captivating blend of physicality and emotion, a testament to her control of sound and breath.

Dinah‘s forthcoming album, set to release on February 23rd through self-release, offers a glimpse into her unique musical universe, seamlessly blending the emotional and physical. In this sonic realm, poignant lyrics find a home within upbeat tracks, and Dinah‘s tasty alto takes center stage, embodying both the visceral and melodic. Her music, a compelling fusion of politics, interpersonal relationships, and the natural world, creates an itch and pulse that captivates the listener. Building on the success of last year’s single “Winter Blake Lake“, Dinah unveils “Hummingbird” today, a delicate yet powerful ode to solidarity with Indigenous land defenders. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Laurie Anderson, Xiu Xiu, Bowie, and Dirty Projectors, Dinah continues to carve a distinctive and evocative path in the musical landscape.

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