Orwello reaches the “Golden Gate”

With bits from all around the world, "Golden Gate" is Orwello's most recent release!

Hailing from Nashville and traversing the globe, Orwello, the artistic moniker of Lawrence Behrs, emerges as a versatile music maestro—producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. A genre-fluid virtuoso, Orwello, a soulful narrator and resilient survivor, intricately interlaces his personal odyssey and the exuberant celebration of existence into his musical tapestry. Drawing inspiration from a diverse spectrum of life experiences—from a challenging childhood spent in an orphanage to a adulthood marked by remarkable adventures, a battle with cancer, triumphant recovery, navigating loss, and reveling in abundant love — Orwello invites listeners to embark on an authentic emotional journey.
His music, rooted in deep grooves and beats, seamlessly blends future soul, hip hop, and R&B, adorned with tasteful accents reminiscent of jazz and blues heritage. Embracing both organic and software-based instruments, Orwello crafts compositions that resonate as a hybrid of sonic authenticity, reflecting the ebbs and flows of our daily lives.

His latest released work, “Golden Gate“, stands as a testament to international collaboration, uniting an ensemble of world-class talents across continents. Crafted in Nashville, the song weaves together a global tapestry—the vocals resonate from Amsterdam, the audio is masterfully mixed in London, the album art takes form in Munich, Germany, and the music video comes to life through the lens of a director originally from Ukraine, now calling LA home. Rooted in the enchantment of a first kiss with a true love, set against the backdrop of San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the track features the soulful vocals of Celyah. With a captivating blend of downtempo, R&B, hip hop, and a sultry touch of saxophone, “Golden Gate” delivers a vibe that’s both evocative and irresistibly mood-setting.

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