Meet Magenta Moon’s Captivating Blend of ’90s Nostalgia and Modern Brilliance

Discover the musical tapestry of "Perceive Yourself" - a symphony of self-acceptance and joyful rhythms.

Meet the cosmic realm of Magenta Moon as they invite you on a musical innuendo with their latest track, “Perceive Yourself”. This dynamic duo, Elaina Whitesell and Joey Petrarca, pilots a surf music spaceship that blends the familiar melodies of the late ’90s hits with a sophisticated and joyful rhythm. “Perceive Yourself” is about self-acceptance and love, encouraging listeners to embrace every step of their unique journey.

The track beautifully weaves a delicate yet rhythmic voice with a sophisticated, uplifting guitar-driven beat that spans the entire song. Magenta Moon effortlessly combines elements of pop and pop-rock, creating a sound that’s refreshingly original and captivating. The chorus, with its undeniable strength, beckons you to hit repeat, and subtle variations throughout the track evoke the best elements found in Paramore’s music, making the track a contagious and enchanting experience from start to finish.

Intensely lyrical and melodic, this is a song that encourages individuals to be the ideal audience for their own stories. The song’s powerful message of self-acceptance and self-love resonates, reminding us that every step we take has value and contributes to the larger narrative of our lives. Behind the scenes, the song’s production is a testament to craftsmanship, with expert mixing by Andrew Solis, mastering by Nick Townsend, and Patrick Mannella’s rhythmic magic on drums. The music video, directed by the visionary Miguel Vite, enchants further, complementing the essence of the single.

About Magenta Moon:

Magenta Moon, the surf music spaceship co-piloted by Elaina Whitesell and Joey Petrarca, is stationed in Los Angeles, California. Their dynamic and groovy sound transcends genres, offering a unique blend of romantic ballads and rock anthems. Magenta Moon’s carefully crafted songs showcase poetic lyrics and accessible sonic complexity. As a live act, they create a universal experience, bringing together audiences of all ages, races, and creeds. With Magenta Moon, expect not just music but a cosmic journey that moves both body and soul.

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