Radio Banana’s “Steakholders”

Grab a napkin, join Radio Banana by the grill and get a taste of this tasty snack!

One serendipitous Tuesday afternoon in the vibrant music scene of Stockholm, Henrik Öhberg from Tvärvägen and Kvadratvåg, Fredrik Mjelle from Beem, and Arne Barlindhaug Ellingsen of Pokal found themselves spontaneously crafting loose rhythms and snappy bass lines. What began as a chance encounter revealed a musical chemistry that couldn’t be ignored. In the ensuing months, their collaboration unfolded organically. Whether playing together as a group or individually, the trio nurtured their creative process through a shared Google folder. In this collaborative space, song skeletons took shape, evolving with a democratic, everything-is-allowed ethos, gaining strength and agility through each member’s unique contributions. This chance meeting blossomed into a creative journey where the fusion of talents gave birth to something truly special.

Unveiling the inaugural sonic revelation from their collaborative repository, the “Side Snack EP” emerged in May 2023 under the moniker Radio Banana.
A convergence of diverse musical realms, the group seamlessly blends their individual influences, uniting in a collective passion for grounded rhythms situated at the crossroads of lo-fi jazz, funk, hip-hop, and electronica. This initial offering serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the musical tapestry woven by Radio Banana, where disparate elements coalesce to create a harmonious fusion that transcends genre boundaries.

The musical feast is ahead as Radio Banana gears up to unveil their second EP, “Uptempo Barbeque“, slated for a January 2024 release. Providing a flavorful preview of what’s to come, the first single, “Steakholders“, serves as a tantalizing introduction to the auditory journey that awaits. With the promise of “Uptempo Barbeque” on the horizon, Radio Banana invites listeners to savor their sonic offerings, teasing an eclectic blend of sounds and experiences.

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