Butterfly Bulldozer’s debut “BTF BDZ”

There is not that much to say here - this debut track is a punch in the mouth and you should take it!

Conceived in 2021, Butterfly Bulldozer is a space travel narrative driven by the post-punk and psychedelic melodies of Captain Fuzz, 0B-1, Zarkor, Rocket, and Professor Tricks as they embark on a cosmic journey aboard their spaceship.
Infused with a spectrum of influences, from the contemporary rhythms of Squid to the thunderous sounds of Slift and the eclectic pop of Pond, the group’s inaugural EP, set to launch on February 16th, 2024, serves as a prologue that chronicles the crew’s fateful encounter and shared determination to construct a spacecraft, fueled by a collective desire to escape the environmental and societal challenges plaguing a planet in decay.

BTF BDZ” marks the debut single from the band’s inaugural EP, offering a sensory journey into the realm of Butterfly Bulldozer and the crew’s impassioned yearning to answer a mysterious cosmic beckoning, fueled by a desire to leave Earth behind. The opening sequence captivates aficionados of modern post-punk with its succinct and infectious charm, developing its language into noise —a sonic manifestation akin to the mechanical internal hum of the ship. The intergalactic odyssey unfolds through a second verse influenced by the sonic trails blazed by King Gizzard and IDLES, leading the crew to a sonic frontier teetering between guitar fuzz and noise. The composition culminates with a sly catchy outro, serving as the space desperados’ ultimate declaration of love to their vessel.
As their captain aptly phrases it: “I could die, smiling in your arms, you’re my Butterfly Bulldozer.

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