tiger del flor is “living in the 90s”

The rockstar golden days are over and I just want to go back to the 90's Seattle scene.

Tiger del flor, formerly known as Tigerlily, began her music career in Seattle leading an all-girl grunge band, recognized as “Seattle’s Best Underage Band” by Seattle Weekly and featured on KEXP’s “Music that Matters” podcast. Transitioning to a solo artist, she has achieved millions of streams on Spotify, amassed a fanbase of over 250,000 on TikTok and Instagram, appeared on Love Island, and performed at SXSW. Her solo releases have topped Hype Machine charts and received acclaim from global tastemakers like Spin Magazine, Ones to Watch, and Fashionably Early. With support from Spotify and Amazon Music playlists, she skillfully blends nostalgic grunge elements with infectious pop melodies.

Now, tiger del flor invites listeners on a journey to the grunge era with her latest release, “Living in the 90s“, a dreamy pop track from her upcoming debut EP, “See Me in Hell“.
According to del flor, the song is inspired by VHS tapes capturing the 90s Seattle scene, and the lyrics draw from films like Twin Peaks and Pulp Fiction. With sonic influences from bands like Mazzy Star and The Pixies, the track serves as a lamentation for a bygone era, as del flor describes it, “written from the perspective of an aging rockstar, sitting at a bar looking back on their golden days“.

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