Malachi Graham’s “Wonderful Life”

"There's enough of me to go around, until there's not" - Malachi Graham's latest is wonderful!

Portland indie songwriter Malachi Graham, formerly of Small Million, explores the complexities of personal relationships in her solo work. Her latest album, “Caretaker“, born from a challenging breakup, features a rockier sound that mirrors her tumultuous emotional journey. Graham‘s emotive vocals and empathetic lyricism delve into themes of codependency, unraveling loves, chronic pain, grudges, and flings. The music, ranging from delicate to raw, serves as a cathartic release for Graham as she confronts anxieties and explores a spectrum of emotions, from bitter humor to gentle despair.

Wonderful Life“, the second single from “Caretaker“, serves as a profound reflection on the holiday season’s iconic film, offering a poignant message to Graham‘s mother during a period of mental health challenges. The track evolves into a beautifully comforting chorus, providing solace amidst the darkness of the holiday narrative – “There’s enough of me to go around, until there’s not“.
Wonderful Life” courageously prioritizes honesty amid the mental toll the holidays take, acknowledging real pain while offering a brave, non-saccharine reassurance that delves into deep resonances of family history and trauma, capturing the tragedy of caretakers who, while giving so much to the world, can be crushed in the process. The music, initially dry with pain, concludes with tears that may be joy, a touching journey that invites listeners to breathe and feel their chests fill with emotion.

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