San Silvan’s “Samba”

"Samba" is San Silvan's expressive summer anthem, breaking free with vibrant lyrics and a memorable refrain.

Silvan Kuntz, also known as San Silvan, is the singer, lyricist, and guitarist of the Swiss indie band Panda Lux and he just unveiled his debut solo EP, “Lass mich los” in October. The EP’s first single, a summer sensation titled “Samba“, featuring profound depths, was released on June. San Silvan received significant support from Sophie Hunger, one of Switzerland’s most esteemed artists, who not only contributed to the songwriting but also co-produced the EP. The mixing expertise comes from Belgian producer and engineer Jo Francken, renowned for his work with Tamino on the albums “Amir” and “Sahar.”

Samba” emerges as San Silvan‘s endeavor to craft a summer anthem, born out of a desire to break free from emotional or pandemic-induced confinement. With poignant lyrics expressing yearning for sunlight and warmth, set against a hypnotic guitar riff and buoyant drums, the song evokes a sense of longing. Silvan‘s vocals, accompanied by a heartwarming “Uuuh, uhh,” leave an indelible mark. The refrain, a poetic declaration, beckons to be cross-stitched onto a cloth or tagged on a neighborhood wall.

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