Meeting Jules’ “Judy”

The latest single from the canadian indie rocker Jules is here and talks about someone we all now.

Having first garnered attention in 2018 with her SOCAN and Top 40 chart-topping hit “Before You Picked Her“, the canadian songwriter Jules has since honed her skills and is set to unveil her most intimate and compelling work to date. Anticipated to leave a significant mark on the music scene in 2023 and 2024, Jules crafts indie pop-rock anthems infused with raw emotion and bold production. Collaborating with notable figures in the Canadian music industry, including producer Brian Moncarz, Dunkin Coutts, Jason Pierce, and Ben Healy, her earlier releases showcased a promising trajectory. Jules, who earned a scholarship to Berklee School of Music’s summer program early in her career, has been praised by FYI Music News for her “poise” and “Shakespearian” storytelling, while Canadian Beats dubbed her an “artist to watch.”

Now, the indie-rocker is poised to enthrall audiences with her newest release, “Judy“, a lively and dynamic track that highlights Jules‘ commanding and fervent vocals. “Judy” serves as a spirited homage to the misunderstood characters in our lives, encouraging listeners to embrace the unconventional and question societal norms. Drinking inspiration from the titular character, the song celebrates those who are frequently underestimated and judged for their uniqueness. Jules expresses, “Sometimes you need someone like Judy in your life, someone that brings a little chaos to keep you on your toes and to challenge you to think outside the box“.

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