Antoní’s “Ascending Rivers”

Straight from the German forests, we took a sip from Antoní's latest single "Ascending Rivers"!

Antoní, a songwriter and producer hailing from the German forest town of Ilmenau, weaves dreamlike melodies and introspective lyrics into her music. Her compositions blend organic arrangements with experimental electronic elements, delivered in a warm and fragile timbre. Drawing inspiration from nature’s wisdom, power dynamics, and themes of togetherness and change, Antoní’s songs also reflect a growing interest in modern technology, influenced by artists like Radiohead, Big Thief, Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega, and Nick Drake. While pursuing a degree in Digital Humanities in Leipzig, she self-taught audio production in her bedroom. In the past three years, Antoní has graced clubs and international festivals, including Tchnienia and Wonderest Festival, and shared stages with renowned acts such as Iron & Wine, Katie von Schleicher, and the Einar Stray Orchestra.

In her latest single from the debut album, Antoní unveils a different facet of her artistry. “Ascending Rivers” immerses itself in a musical whirlwind, blending wild rhythms, marimbas, and synthesizers to mirror the surreal river depicted in Antoní‘s lyrics. The composition navigates through this maelstrom, guiding the restless narrator with an unknown calmness toward the resolution of her journey. As the arrangement reaches the threshold of Einar Stray’s outro, the song concludes cinematically, returning to Antoní‘s signature acoustic and dreamy sound.

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