Apricot Ink’s Electrifying “Love Potion”

A sonic journey that seamlessly blends pop exploration with rock radicalization.

Photography @jennywuphotography (IG)

In the vast landscape of modern music, where experimentation meets commercial appeal, Apricot Ink emerges as a compelling force with their latest single, “Love Potion”. This track, a fusion of disruptive vocals and dynamic rhythms, effortlessly navigates the realms of pop and rock, creating a contagious and electrifying experience for listeners.

“Love Potion” is a hypnotic high, an exploration of lust and desire that captivates the senses. The vocals, bold and disruptive, ride the waves of pop exploration, interwoven with clever nods to the commercial pop landscape. The result is a circular and infectious melody, making the listener easily identify with a chorus that’s challenging to sing but impossible not to feel. Apricot Ink has crafted a musical masterpiece that proves modern music doesn’t always need to push instrumental boundaries to achieve vocal and hook-driven excellence.

The song’s intensity is heightened by its short and explosive nature, exemplifying how Apricot Ink masterfully balances exploration and familiarity. It’s a musical journey that unfolds over a backdrop of lush production, groove beats, and an intricate tapestry of pop references. “Love Potion” is a sonic brilliance that leaves an indelible mark, showcasing Apricot Ink’s prowess in creating a musical experience that transcends boundaries.

About Apricot Ink

Apricot Ink is a self-produced project that stands at the forefront of Canberra’s music scene. Influenced by Dub, Hip Hop, and Pop, Apricot Ink seamlessly manoeuvres within the alt-pop realm, infusing danceable grooves and skank beats into their unique sound. Drawing inspiration from The XX, Mac Miller, BENEE, and Remi Wolf, Apricot Ink consistently delivers top-tier tracks marked by lush production and irresistible hooks. Their recent performances at notable festivals and tours with acclaimed acts like Boo Seeka and The Moving Stills affirm Apricot Ink’s rising trajectory.

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