[TGIF] Somehows and Somewhats

Fresh tracks from up-and-coming artists. It's TGIF!

Artwork by @leohorton x @fred_horton
Welcome to "Thank God It's Friday" where we dive into the latest musical releases that have been setting our "earing pupils" on fire. As we bid farewell to another exciting week, we can't help but celebrate the incredible tracks that have graced our ears in recent weeks. From infectious pop hits to electronic and rock-ish stirring records, this post is dedicated to showcasing the best of the best. Get ready to discover your new favourite songs and let the music take you on a captivating ride. It's time to turn up the volume and embrace the magic of these incredible releases. Let the music speak, and let the weekend begin in style.

abeltriesherbest – porshe pastor

With one of the best artist names we ever heard, Meet abeltriesherbest. This artist, formerly known under a different moniker, has embarked on a soulful journey with a rebrand, placing the sheer essence of her voice at the forefront, entwined with instrumentals echoing the influences of beloved artists and cherished records. The track, eloquently titled “abeltriesherbest,” has been fervently teased on TikTok, amassing an impressive 1 million plus views, with one particularly striking video achieving viral status at 410K views and 20K likes. As the anticipation builds, one can’t help but be drawn into the promise of an auditory experience that seamlessly blends personal expression with the resonance of musical influences, creating a harmonious symphony that transcends boundaries.

Aze – Sneaky Link

Meet the mesmerizing world of Aze and their latest creation, the incredible track titled “Am I Too Sad?”. In this musical dream, the Melancholic-Dream(Pop) Duo, composed of the talented Beyza and Ezgi, weaves a sonic tapestry that mirrors the complexities of relationships. The melodic simplicity, coupled with cosmic acoustic guitars reminiscent of Clairo, Beabadoobee, and Lana del Rey, envelops the introspective and self-doubting lyrics in a comforting embrace. As the lyrics ponder the dynamics of relationships turning into untouchable walls, Aze invites you to delve into the realm of feelings, offering solace and a sense of unity. Beyza and Ezgi, individually captivating, unite to form Aze, a duo ready to take you on a journey through the realms of sadness and sensuality. This is a great exploration of their deepest inner selves, as Aze beckons you to join the emotional ride that extends far beyond the confines of conventional music.

Danielle Durack – Shirt Song

Meet the latest sonic revelation from the Arizona-born, Nashville-based artist, Danielle Durack, titled “Shirt Song“. This is a captivating track that serves as a rhythmic chronicle of emotional transition. Acting as a lively counterpart to her previous release, “No Place” which delved into the somber depths of a breakup. “Shirt Song” takes an upbeat approach to the complexities of moving on. The song’s infectious melodies and buoyant beats create an optimistic musical backdrop, while Durack’s poignant lyrics maintain a touch of melancholy, exploring the inevitability of closure and the bittersweet sensation of improvement after heartbreak. Known for her ability to seamlessly blend pop sensibilities with modern wit, Durack’s music has drawn comparisons to artists like Sara Bareilles, Boygenius, and Hop Along. As she gears up for her third album, “Escape Artist” set to release on February 16th, Danielle Durack continues to evolve her sound, crafting emotionally rich and mature compositions that resonate with honesty and humor.

dery – riddle

In a mesmerizing exploration of sonic storytelling, dery unveils her latest creation, an ethereal masterpiece titled “Chapter Three”. A nomad of sound and emotion, dery crafts audio fiction that traverses the landscapes of memories, collective histories, and the human experience. Her music, a blend of moody alternative pop with hints of jazz, drum-heavy acapella, and experimental pop production, transcends traditional genre boundaries. Grounded in a genuine and versatile approach to composition, dery challenges industry norms by emphasizing the artistry of music over the persona of the composer. “Chapter Three” was recorded in collaboration with guitarist/producer Felix Gerlach during her 2022 sojourn in Germany, funded by grants. With a musical palette that includes piano, guitar, ukulele, and flute, dery’s calming, melodious voice beckons listeners into a warm embrace. The track invites audiences to immerse themselves in a true sonic narrative that we were no indifferent to.

Devansh – To Feel Free

London-based Devansh, originally from New York City, is a multi-talented musician blending psychedelic soul, modern funk, jazz, indie pop, and world music in his genre-bending compositions. After contributing as a trumpeter and co-producer for various bands, he released his solo debut in 2022. Collaborating with top London musicians, including Jordan Rakei and members of Tom Misch’s and Puma Blue’s bands, Devansh infuses his international upbringing and NYC jazz roots into a unique and captivating psychedelic sound.
To Feel Free” serves as the title track for Devansh‘s debut album, released in late May. Drawing inspiration from artists like Nick Hakim and Tame Impala, the song is an anthemic psychedelic soul tune featuring a distinct chorus. In it, Devansh expresses his longing to break free from mental constraints, to shed inhibitions and rediscover the ability to feel deeply. The lyrics touch on the challenges of pursuing such freedom as a brown man in the contemporary world, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing oneself to achieve a genuine sense of liberation.

Golden Vessel feat. Headaches– Make It Somehow

Melisa Bester, formerly known as E^ST, is captivating audiences with her exciting new artist project, Headaches, and her debut single, “Make It Somehow“. Teaming up with her long-time friend and fellow artist, Golden Vessel, this collaboration ushers in a fresh era of musical exploration. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Golden Vessel is a boundary-pushing musician and producer known for his distinctive fusion of electronic, hip-hop, R&B, and alternative pop influences. This electrifying partnership promises a dynamic blend of sounds reminiscent of luminaries like Toro Y Moi, Mount Kimbie, and Four Tet. “Make It Somehow” is a testament to the creative synergy between these two talents, setting the stage for a thrilling musical journey that will undoubtedly captivate music lovers worldwide.

KJ! – Good Day

KJ! is defined by the exclamation point, signifying a commitment to maximum effort and authenticity in his music. Drawing inspiration from artists like Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar, he’s a dedicated polymath who spent 5 years perfecting his first release. Hailing from Utah, he transforms the “Utah rapper” label into an inspiring underdog narrative, aiming for global recognition. KJ! recently dropped “801s Demos” and plans to release a steady stream of singles in the coming year, ready to make his mark on the music scene.
In the midst of the pandemic, KJ! found himself in a creative slump, struggling to manage ADHD while facing the challenges of lockdown, stress, and a disrupted routine. Amid the burnout, “Good Day” emerged as a departure from his usual style, embracing pure pop and a more straightforward approach, driven by positivity and melodies rather than complex lyricism. This song also marked a milestone in KJ!‘s harmonic growth, as he delved into refining the background elements and harmonies, transforming the song’s vibe. After a hiatus due to vocal injury, “Good Day” represents KJ!‘s triumphant return, offering a much-needed dose of good vibes in a challenging period early in his music career.

Matt McKnzi – Atlas

Introducing the latest sonic revelation from the talented singer/songwriter Matt McKnzi, titled “Atlas”. This mesmerizing track serves as the second single from McKnzi’s highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Ghost.’ Embarking on a journey through slow-burning alternative R&B, “Atlas” exudes a soulful and dark energy that weaves seamlessly through a desolately atmospheric soundscape. The infusion of drum and bass elements introduces a striking contrast to the subdued nature of the song, forming a breathtaking interplay of hope within a realm tinged with self-sabotage. McKnzi’s signature moody alternative-pop style, coupled with influences from hip-hop, contemporary R&B, and trap, results in a chill, deep, and undeniably cool musical experience. As anticipation builds for ‘Ghost,’ “Atlas” stands as a compelling testament to McKnzi’s ability to craft evocative, genre-blurring compositions that resonate with emotion and innovation.

Paul Cook & The Chronicles – Hello Moon

Paul Cook, a native of London, has been immersed in music from the moment he could grasp a guitar. Drawing inspiration from the timeless sounds of sixties guitar pop, seventies west coast Americana, Britpop, and cutting-edge contemporary pop and rock ‘n’ roll, his songwriting continually evolves while maintaining its enduring essence of melancholy and warmth.
Hello Moon” serves as the opening track of “Cheers Love“, the upcoming album by Paul Cook & The Chronicles, scheduled for release on November 3, 2023. This record primarily delves into themes of love and loss while ultimately embracing hopefulness, as Cook himself explains. Drawing musical inspiration from classic singer-songwriters and 70s folk rock, the album also reflects the influence of contemporary artists like Sufjan Stevens, Andy Shauf, Wilco, and Bedouine. “Hello Moon” is the perfect pair for a walk alongside the Tagus river, in a sunny winter afternoon.

Teddy Weeks – Grow

Teddy Weeks, a Colorado-based songwriter originally from Baltimore, Maryland, ventured to Colorado to pursue studies in Physics and Music. Inspired by David Byrne’s book “How Music Works”, Weeks wrote two songs for top 10 artists in 2018 after an unexpected recording session. His unique voice, described as “strange” by a producer, became an asset. Weeks released his first full-length album, “Satisfy Me“, in July 2021, addressing the content-saturated world that prioritizes quantity over quality. His latest release, “Grow“, focuses on the transformative cycle of change in our lives. In Weeks‘ perspective, the song delves into the journey of growth— grappling with dissatisfaction with one’s current identity while harboring apprehension about the potential future self. Creating this piece served as a means for Weeks to navigate his emotional landscape at that specific moment. While he acknowledges that he may not be any closer to discovering his true self, he has come to realize that the process of creating art provides a window into his most recent self.

Theo Adler – I’m Not The Person You Think I Am

Theo Adler‘s musical journey began at the age of five, influenced initially by Ben Folds Five and later by iconic artists like Ian Dury, the Rolling Stones, Gorillaz, Jungle, and Radiohead. Infusing his distinctive style with a British twist, Theo‘s music stands out. His musical evolution, marked by a couple of hundred demos created during school days with Logic Pro 9, led him to collaborate with Luke Potashnick in crafting the EP “Revealer“. This labor of love spanned five years and two continents, with Theo traveling through Europe and Asia, gathering inspiration for his music.
I’m Not The Person You Think I Am“, the primary track of the EP, unfolds a poignant narrative of disappointment and the internal resilience needed to move forward when someone you depended on falls short. Serving as the title track, it highlights Theo‘s prowess in songwriting, enhanced by a fusion of rhythms and vocal layers that imbue it with a unique depth and richness. Theo elaborates, stating, “I wrote this out originally just with the drum machine, while I was in a big US neo-soul phase (D’Angelo, Lauren Hill, Musiq Soulchild, etc.), and hoped to put a spin with the British styles that I grew up closer to

Vicent Draper and The Culls – Maybelline

Embark on a sonic journey with the latest release from the enigmatic Vincent Draper and The Culls titled “Maybelline“. This track marks a captivating evolution for the artist, blending dark, moody undertones with an exhilarating sense of excitement. The intricate interplay of guitars, punctuated by sultry vocals, unfolds against a backdrop of dynamic drum and piano arrangements, creating a musical tapestry that constantly morphs in timing and tone. Vincent Draper and The Culls have masterfully achieved their final form with this composition. Delving into the mystique of their signature sound, the band effortlessly navigates across genres, infusing each note with a unique charm and candour. From haunting laments to thunderous psychedelic passages, “Maybelline” weaves a rich, moody darkness.