Donzii’s genre-bending “Penetrate”

On their latest single, Donzii encapsulates the chaotic zeitgeist with style and power!

Miami’s Donzii, initiated by vocalist Jenna Balfe and musician Dennis Fuller, fuses post-punk elements, industrial beats, ambient ballads, and a fresh take on No Wave funk traditions. Formed in 2015 during jam sessions at a ’70s mansion, the band’s sound incorporates electronics, bass, ’80s guitar, and Balfe’s haunting vocals. His poetic lyrics aim for contemplation amid life’s chaos. Rejecting trends, Donzii is a therapeutic expression, confronting demons and celebrating the joy of getting lost. Despite their unconventional style, Balfe emphasizes one rule: “We do it so people can dance“.

In discussing “Penetrate“, Donzii expresses that the track is a fusion of funk and darkness, drawing inspiration from multiple influences. During the song’s creation, the band aimed to introduce a chord progression that was unprecedented, emphasizing originality. The accompanying video, an extension of Trulee Hall’s impressive body of work, aligns with Donzii‘s aesthetic—a chaotic energy unafraid to satirize the hyper-sexual and male-dominated world.
The “Penetrate” EP, a compact compilation of new material like “Rollercoaster“, features remixes by friends Brutus VIII and Mr. TwinSister, along with previously unreleased recordings that delve into their No Wave roots, namely “John Wayne” and “Lizzy“.

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