Unlocking Emotions with the Cinematic Soundscape of “Ocean Heart”

Moon & I takes us on a journey of emotion and sound.

Today you should let yourself go on a sensory voyage with The Moon & I’s latest master-piece, “Ocean Heart”.

This is a composition that seamlessly weaves together alternative pop, commercial vibes, and electronic elements. Evoking the dramaticism of Radiohead, the atmospheric allure of Bonobo, and the haunting vocals reminiscent of James Blake, this dark indie-pop gem was released as the final single from the EP Apperception, and the accompanying video is a recipient of the prestigious Prism Prize MVP Project video grant which adds another layer to the intricate narrative.

Ocean Heart” is a cinematic fever dream encapsulating the unravelling of a relationship. Dance sequences convey inner struggles against stunning natural and abstract dreamscapes. As the couple flees from encroaching darkness, an ethereal beam of light guides them to a new understanding built on hope and compassion. The composition, with its haunting vocals, delicate pianos, soaring synths, and glitchy beats by multi-platinum co-producer Hypnotic Beatz, captivates the listener, transporting them into a distinct place and holding them there.

Easily one of the best songs we’ve heard all year.

The Moon & I, the moniker of Montreal-based artist Eric N, is a master of cinematic, emotional alternative music. Inspired by James Blake and Radiohead, he crafts a sound that is both intimate and grandiose. His singles have garnered critical acclaim and widespread recognition, making him one of the most blogged-about artists on HypeMachine. The artist, selected for RBCxMusic and Launchpad’s 2022 Entrepreneurial program, as well as the SOCAN/TD Incubator program, continues to push boundaries. With singles dropping on every full moon, leading up to an album release in the fall, The Moon & I is a name to watch in the alternative music scene.

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