Embracing nostalgia with a debut: The harmonious Summer of Love

Diving into the sonic symphony that merges alternative rock and psychedelia.

Transport yourself to a musical realm where nostalgia meets innovation with Summer of Love’s debut track, “I’m In Love With You“. The song intricately weaves elements reminiscent of legendary bands like The Beach Boys, Vampire Weekend, and Temples with the energetic vibe that we sometimes listen to in other electronic projects like Django Django. Its instrumental richness creates a fusion of alternative rock and alternative pop, with a touch of psychedelic rock, providing a unique sonic experience that captivated us from the very beginning.

As the vocals evolve throughout the track, they serve as the initial hook that draws listeners in. The journey unfolds, allowing the instrumental elements to shine, transitioning seamlessly between calm and energetic moments. The chameleon-like nature of the vocals adds depth, shifting tones from melodic to melancholic, and retro in the less instrumentally dense passages. There’s a captivating circularity and repetition in the track, creating an immersive experience that never loses its allure.

I’m In Love With You” sounds like an exploration of modern meets retro that left us a memorable experience. The circularity and repetition within the music add a layer of familiarity without sacrificing innovation. It’s a promising debut that leaves us craving more, setting the stage for an exciting journey with Summer of Love.

About Summer Of Love:

Summer of Love is not just a band; it’s a collective effort by three musicians who have united to spread positive vibes through their music. Their debut track serves as a testament to their commitment to turning the spotlight back on life’s beautiful aspects—love, nature, and the sheer joy of existence. This project is poised to contribute to a positive shift in our minds and hearts, with the belief that everything else will naturally follow suit.
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