Since the beginning of this magazine that we have been receiving great electronic tracks. For some reason, we didn’t post about those submissions because we felt they should be integrated into a specific mood. We are now building that mood with a monthly post focusing on the best of indietronica. This is electromental – part 26.

1tbsp – Moth Love

Maxwell Byrne, known by his alias Golden Vessel, takes us on a delightful journey through the realms of indie dance with his newest project 1tbsp. With a sound that effortlessly blends elements reminiscent of Four Tet, Daphni, and DJ Koze, 1tbsp brings us a special treat on the B-side of his recent debut album. “Moth Love” not only showcases Byrne’s unique musical prowess but resonates with an organic fusion of folk influences and intricate electronic textures, creating a sonic landscape that is as captivating as it is soul-stirring.


Adriano Koch‘s art knows no bounds, blending the acoustic piano with electronic instruments for a visually captivating performance that defies the constraints of classical music labels. His music thrives on the synergy between acoustic and electronic elements, bringing together diverse audiences, from classical and jazz enthusiasts to electronic music fans. Music has been a lifelong passion for Adriano, who, after nine years of jazz piano studies, chose to dedicate himself fully to his craft at the age of seventeen. At twenty-one, he has already released two albums, with his last single, “BRIEF“, receiving widespread acclaim and support from platforms like Spotify and numerous blogs.
In his one, “I’LL KEEP YOU WAITINGAdriano delves deeply into the process of emancipation from his past story. The song explores a challenging family connection that demanded distance and introspection to facilitate genuine personal growth. Adriano has experienced a range of paradoxical emotions throughout this journey, including fear, anger, and guilt, making this song the climax of that transformative process, providing him with the opportunity to finally let go.

Bear Garden – Up

After an intense year that included a European tour and club performances in Sweden, saxophonist Bear Garden returns with the dynamic single “Up“, a precursor to his upcoming third album “Up (Part 1)” set for release on November 3, 2023, under the Swedish label Bolero Recordings. This release signals a new era for Bear Garden, characterized by vibrant colors, contemporary beats, strong melodic structures, and the exciting addition of vocals for the first time. “Up” symbolizes progression, moving forward, and leaving the past behind. The album “Up (Part1)” is thoughtfully divided into two parts, creating distinct chapters – one lighter and the other darker. With his debut album in 2019 and the subsequent release of “Sunshine Fruit” in 2021, Bear Garden has fearlessly explored the boundaries of instrumental music, effortlessly traversing genres and blending RnB, Hip-Hop, and Jazz influences into his captivating repertoire.

Calcou – Molecule City

Berlin, the ever-evolving epicentre of electronic music, gets a contemporary sonic tribute in Calcou‘s latest release, “Molecule City“. As the sun’s rays sparkle over the Spree River, synthesizer arpeggios give birth to a vibrant bassline, embodying the city’s energetic pulse and the spirit of its legendary nightlife. With an artful blend of field recordings from Kreuzberg and groovy drum patterns, this track seamlessly melds electronica, garage, and deep house into an irresistible composition. Calcou’s music exudes euphoria and determination, while simultaneously weaving a touch of melancholy and loneliness into its fabric, mirroring the multifaceted emotions of urban living. Calcou’s unique fusion of jazz, chill, and deep house, with nods to artists like Kiasmos, Bonobo, and Four Tet, truly makes his music a testament to the ever-evolving soundscape of Berlin in 2023.

Danube – London

Danube’s compositions, like rivers shaping landscapes, reflect life’s organic flow, blending influences from Berlin club basements to Reykjavik’s mountains. Combining organic instruments, synthscapes, and electronic beats, Danube’s sonic identity weaves melancholic progressions reminiscent of artists such as Kiasmos, Pantha du Prince, and Mount Kimbie. This musical journey transcends borders, taking listeners on a timeless voyage through diverse landscapes, spanning from ambient tranquility to pulsating electronica, mirroring the vastness of the continent that inspires it.
On his new single “London“, Danube told us: “For “London“, I was inspired by the iconic London Tube and the English way of life, always on the move. Built on a foundation of bass guitar and electro drums, it captures the pulse of the city. The song starts with an anticipatory build-up, mirroring the quiet before the storm. As the bass guitar takes the lead, it steadily picks up the pace, echoing the hurried footsteps of Londoners on their daily commute.

Devereaux feat. Baba Smiz feat. Full Stop Velver – Bizboz

Devereaux’s journey through the annals of music history reads like a wild adventure, from his cassette tape heist of “Hazard” by Richard Marx in the ’80s to his dedicated riff-ripping sessions during the ’90s. His influences, ranging from Tortoise to Kraftwerk, have shaped his unique sonic palette. In 2006, he birthed the enigmatic “Cacti Pace – EP” which finally found a home on Post-Echo in 2011. Fast forward to 2014, Pineapple Flex emerged, a tantalizing electronic odyssey. A hiccup in the late 2010s due to life’s tribulations couldn’t keep Devereaux down, and 2023 heralds his triumphant return with the mesmerizing single “Mel“. Devereaux’s musical journey, rich with influences from the ’80s cassette tape heist comes full circle with the electrifying “Bizboz“. Teaming up with Baba Smiz and Full Stop Velvet, this track is a captivating, almost intemporal masterpiece, offering a sort of dark yet irresistibly danceable groove. “Bizboz” effortlessly melds retro electronic elements with a modern twist, creating a sound that truly stands out with its hypnotic repetition. In a return to form for Devereaux, this track cements his place as an electronic maverick, ready to enthral a new generation of music enthusiasts.

El Búho feat. Nita – Cenizas de Agua

El Búho‘s latest single, “Cenizas de Agua” is an enchanting convergence of nature-inspired folktronica and profound musical artistry. Born from Robin Perkins’ unique life journey, shaped by the beauty of England’s Peak District National Park and a year of exploration in Buenos Aires, the track features a magical collaboration with Fuel Fandango singer Nita. Combining Nita’s poignant lyrics and flamenco-trained vocals with El Búho’s captivating rhythms, cut-up vocal samples, pulsating pads, and mesmerizing synth, the single transcends boundaries and embraces the urgency of our climate crisis. This composition is a testament to El Búho’s commitment to both music and activism, a bridge between our tumultuous world and the transformative power of sound.

endring – Samsara

endring, the latest musical project from producer Gerwin Weidenaar and singer-songwriter Diederick Brandsma (YVI), blends Gerwin’s IDM/techno background with Diederick’s middle eastern infused indie folk voice, resulting in a captivating and haunting soundscape. Their debut EP “myosotis“, will be released on November 24th and accompanies a nationwide tour. The EP, titled after the forget-me-not flower, explores a journey from crisis and futile perfectionism to eventual acceptance, inviting listeners to confront their darker side within the musical dome crafted by endring.
Saṃsāra, derived from Sanskrit, translates to “wandering” or “world”, evoking the notion of aimless circling. This concept is often associated with reincarnation and the repetitive cycle of a mundane existence. The track named “Samsara“, while dark and gloomy, carries a mesmerizing and viby atmosphere that subtly hints at impending developments. The music mirrors the endless whirl of Samsara, leaving listeners to contemplate whether the cycle will persist or culminate in Nirvana.

Fletcher Reed feat. CHUFI – Human

Amsterdam-based music producer Fletcher Reed, known for his multifaceted instrumental talents, is making waves in the world of folk music with his upcoming debut album on Nettwerk Records. Having grown up immersed in music and embarking on a transformative two-year journey across continents, Reed’s compositions are infused with a distinct sense of place and a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. However, Reed’s musical exploration doesn’t stop at instrumental compositions. His second single, “Human” from an upcoming vocal EP, features the soulful vocals of CHUFI, merging elements of folk, R&B, and dance. The track transports listeners to a dimly lit lounge bar, where they’ll find themselves serenaded by the smooth sounds of Reed’s world-inspired artistry.

Katmando feat. Pussel – Never Let It Go

“Never Let It Go” by Katmando invites listeners on a rhythmic and electronic journey, with a unique twist courtesy of meditative rap vocals by the versatile artist Pussel. Inspired by the enigmatic moog- and rhythm-based movie soundtracks of the 60s, Katmando, also known as Theodor Arvidsson Kylin, aims to breathe new life into the genre he calls “Swanky Exotica“. This fresh single follows collaborations with GRANT and Miynt. In “Never Let It Go” the music mirrors the concept of spirals, echoing the endless rhythm of attraction without a defined beginning or end. A captivating music video, produced by Katmando and Pussel, is set to accompany the track, featuring black and white visuals alongside graphic spirals, providing an artistic extension of the song’s essence. Kylin’s extensive experience in the Swedish music industry, alongside his collaborations with artists like Seinabo Sey and Veronica Maggio, underscores the depth of creativity he brings to this innovative electronic compilation.

Idrissi – Castlemorton

Idrissi invites electronic music enthusiasts on an extraordinary sonic journey with his upcoming single “Castlemorton”, released on SIZE Records on the past November 3rd. Emerging from the rhythmic heart of Morocco, Idrissi’s unconventional creative process led to this track, marked by unexpected drum patterns, distorted basslines, and a nature-inspired soundscape. “Castlemorton” pays homage to the legendary illegal rave while showcasing Idrissi’s evolution towards a more diverse and experimental sound, where euphoric melodies and offbeat drum rhythms intertwine, leaving an indelible mark on the global dance floor.

Jae Soto – Working The Weekend

In the dynamic world of electronic music, Jae Soto unveils her latest track, “Working the Weekend” a unique blend of sound and storytelling that encapsulates the essence of working-class life. This intriguing composition takes listeners on a journey through the daily grind, cleverly weaving minimalist lyrics with the hypnotic pulse of the vintage Roland Alpha Juno 2 synthesizer. The marimba and xylophone patches, processed through Ableton Live’s Max MSP experimental effects chains, offer a bright and blippy contrast to the weighty subject matter, creating a kaleidoscopic soundscape that is both captivating and thought-provoking. In this tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the pressure cooker of emotions that come with the daily grind, Jae Soto invites us to find humour and release in the overwhelming struggle, embracing the burden with a knowing laugh against a danceable backdrop. As the chorus defiantly erupts with “I won’t make it out” “Working the Weekend” is a vibrant addition to the electronic-based compilation, showcasing Jae Soto’s unique talent as a Brooklyn-based songwriter and producer, known for her genre-blurring approach and her ability to breathe new life into traditional sounds while exploring the complexities of everyday life.

Later. x La Fine Equipe – Treasure

Hailing from Paris’ 9th arrondissement, Later. is a quartet with Theo on piano, Paul on guitar and bass, Noah as a producer, and Charles-Marie as the vocalist. Their music blends funk, pop, and jazz to create a dreamlike escape from the daily grind. After catching the eye of Kitsuné Musique in 2019, they released their debut single “L.Y.E.” and went on to sign with Cookie Records, where they produced EPs “On Time” and “The Daydream“. Their tracks gained recognition on various radio stations and streaming platforms, and they collaborated with notable artists.
The beatmakers of La Fine Équipe were smitten with Later.’s “Treasure” from their debut album, infusing the pop jazz tune with a sunny UK drum’n’bass twist. Respecting the original’s chill spirit but infusing it with nightclub energy and a solid groove reminiscent of early 2000s Drum N’ Bass, this track blends Rio de Janeiro with Bristol, with a touch of French flair – a fusion dubbed “French Touch“.

Lucie Antunes – Vous êtes Parfait.e.s

French composer, percussionist, and producer Lucie Antunes is celebrating the release of her enchanting EP, Vous êtes Parfait.e.s following the acclaim of her second album, “Carnaval“. This electronic-based compilation centres around the mid-album track “Vous êtes Parfait.e.s“, a triumphant ode to the non-binary community. Lucie’s fusion of electronic and organic elements creates a festive sensory trance, with a relentless mantra of “You are Perfect” as a reminder to love ourselves as we are. In “Carnaval” Lucie Antunes expands her sonic horizons, merging pop and avant-garde influences to craft an electronically oriented dancefloor masterpiece. With the addition of producer Léonie Pernet, the new album promises to captivate listeners with its creative and mischievous spirit, reminiscent of Laurie Anderson’s captivating work.

Mike Honcho – Blink

In the heart of Boston, where the city’s bustling biotech industry thrives, a rising electronic music producer by the name of Mike Honcho is making waves from the comfort of their apartment. At the age of almost 32, he has honed their craft to deliver a sonic experience that’s both intricate and captivating. Their latest offering, “Blink” is a mesmerizing composition that seamlessly weaves together bassy undertones, layered textures, jagged rhythms, and wobbly synths, showcasing Dream’s exceptional talent in electronic music production. “Blink” is the second track in his eagerly awaited project, “Dream / Blink / Shuttle” serving as a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come in the series of singles set to grace our ears in the months ahead.

Qwiet Type – Leveling Up

Qwiet Type, an indie alternative artist from Pensacola, Florida, collaborates with music producer Taylor Franklyn to craft a distinct sound blending rock, pop, and electro genres. With a focus on capturing various moods, Qwiet Type strives to maintain his originality while resonating with listeners. His music is a unique fusion of rock, pop, and electro, featuring soundscapes that strike a chord with audiences. He’s on a mission to share his music globally and collaborate with Nashville studio musicians to create something special.
Leveling Up” is an exhilarating release, blending indie dance-rock, pop, electronica, and new wave. The track features a steady beat, shimmering synths, and stylish rhythm guitar, supporting layered male vocals that convey a message of positivity and self-assurance through an infectious hook. With its modern sound and uplifting lyrics, “Leveling Up” is sure to resonate with a diverse audience, offering a compelling and inclusive musical experience.

rocomoco feat. The Hidden – Everything is ok

Berlin’s dynamic producer duo, rocomoco, known for their chilled vibes, jazzy guitars, and forward-looking beats, has teamed up with The Hidden to deliver a delightful addition to an electro-based compilation. “Everything is OK” brings a playful and laid-back Lofi beat with an electro-indie edge, perfectly encapsulating the unique collaboration between these two talents. Having made waves since 2018 and gaining recognition from IndieShuffle and Spotify Fresh Finds, rocomoco & The Hidden are no strangers to creating captivating soundscapes. Their latest creation invites listeners into an otherworldly realm, beautifully depicted in the cover artwork, where the suspenseful question arises: who will succumb to nerves first, the three individuals or the three birds in the cage before them? Be sure not to miss the immersive AI music video by The Hidden, where the visual narrative of the artwork continues its enigmatic journey.

url x Echo Thrills – Fool

In 2019, url, pronounced as “Earl“, was established by indie singer-songwriter Matt Bullard as a creative project after his return to Florida from Los Angeles. Initially an experiment, the project gained underground recognition online, including support from tastemakers like David Dean Burkhart. In the summer of 2020, Philip Landmann of Havêa Records discovered url, leading to his signing with the label. Subsequently, url released his debut EP “ruiners club“. He is currently working on new music under his own label, Superbloom.
Fool” is a captivating collaboration between Echo Thrills and url, blending classic disco with contemporary indie elements to create a mesmerizing track that explores the whirlwind of love. With resampled keys and smooth bass lines, url‘s soulful vocals pay homage to those smitten by love, making it an irresistible musical masterpiece celebrating romance.

Walca – Natal

Walca is back with their highly anticipated new track, “Jaguar,” giving us a tantalizing glimpse of their upcoming album. Following their groundbreaking collaboration on Yaeger’s “Jaguar” EP, which sent shockwaves through the international music scene, this latest release showcases a captivating evolution in Walca’s sonic palette. Inspired by the vibrant world of dance music, “Jaguar” promises to deliver a rejuvenating and electrifying auditory journey. Walca, the visionary independent electronic/experimental music ensemble, continues to meld electronic and acoustic elements with innovative sampling techniques to craft immersive, soul-stirring soundscapes that resonate with music aficionados around the globe.

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