Fan Girl’s “american cowboy song”

Heavy and upbeat, this song really answers the question: What is an american cowboy?

With an unruly noise that echoes to the farthest corners of the globe, the Naarm/Melbourne ensemble known as Fan Girl delivers a diverse blend of intensity, vividness, disorder, and irresistible catchiness. Following the heartbreaking loss of their founding member, Jack Wood, Fan Girl embarked on a profound reevaluation of their musical journey, and amidst a global pandemic, they’ve returned with a treasure trove of electrifying new music. Alongside their urgent and explosive live performances, they’ve cultivated an ever-deepening mutual appreciation for one another, life itself, and the rambunctious allure of guitar-driven music.

Following “falling“, “american cowboy song” delves into the complex interplay of sincerity and bravado, exploring whether individuals fully embody the roles they inhabit or are essentially acting. This introspective piece questions the impact on both individuals and those around them. It also delves into the essence of being an American cowboy. Initially a quirky, glitchy beat, the song was transformed into a vibrant and playful composition, recorded during a challenging Melbourne spring by the entire band. The final mix was expertly handled by Aaron Cupples in London and mastered by Henke Jonsson in Sweden, with Aaron’s prized Toshiba hard drive remaining in Sweden to this day.

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