Salt Cathedral’s Electrifying New Single: Unleash Your Passion for Life

Meet "Complacent" a powerful electro-pop wonder with a dreamy twist

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Brooklyn-based duo Salt Cathedral has just dropped an electrifying track that’s bound to captivate your senses and ignite your passion for life. “Complacent” their latest single, is a mesmerizing fusion of dreamy vocals, powerful instrumentals, and an irresistibly catchy piano-based melody. This song takes you on a musical journey that evolves in an enchanting and engaging way, keeping you hooked from start to finish.

Salt Cathedral, a dynamic duo hailing from Colombia and currently residing in Brooklyn, is known for its globetrotting background and its ability to draw from various musical styles, including tropicalia and dance. “Complacent” showcases their penchant for musical exploration and experimentation. The track is carried by warm guitars, serrated steel drums, and a 6/8 beat, creating a unique sonic landscape. Lead vocalist Juliana Ronderos’ vocal delivery is a perfect blend of sensibility and power, enhanced by intriguing artificial elements that seamlessly coexist with the organic tone of the song.

The instrumental elements in “Complacent” are a revelation. The song exudes an overwhelming simplicity that transforms into an electrifying electro-pop wonder. The powerful bass and synth-drum elements provide a strong foundation, while the piano-based melody stands out as a highlight, adding an extra layer of charm to the track. As the song progresses, it maintains a dreamy and engaging atmosphere, with beautiful and infectious anchors that lead to an energizing climax in the final minute, leaving listeners feeling uplifted and electrified.

About Salt Cathedral:

Comprised of Juli and Nico, is a duo deeply passionate about music. They initially met in jazz school and have since embarked on a journey that has taken them from Colombia to Brooklyn. In 2020, they released their debut album, “CARISMA” which was followed by the pandemic. During the pandemic, they channelled their creativity into an album of reimaginations titled “CARISMA isolation mixes“. Their commitment to their craft shines through in their work, and they are set to release their next album in 2023, promising a new musical adventure that we can’t wait to experience.

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