Floral Couches is “Anxious on Vacation”

Laidback, warming and jazzy, the latest from Floral Couches is what you need if you are chronically online.

Floral Couches embodies the alluring solo persona of Cody Gray, a talented musician and songwriter hailing from Chicago. Following the release of his previous album, “Electric Fever“, where he delved into the realm of lo-fi fever dream synthesizer sounds, Cody makes a captivating return with his R&B and Jazz-infused pop EP, “glitter“, over a year later. True to its name, “glitter” shimmers with enchanting percussion, velvety instrumentation, and a sophisticated late-night ambiance. Departing from his prior works, this EP exudes a more organic essence, immersing you in a unique world of its own, a place you won’t want to depart.

Moving forward, “Anxious on Vacation” marks the release of the first among four singles that will accompany the forthcoming 2024 album, “Xtra Mild“. It presents a groovy composition driven by guitars and saxophones, exploring the theme of transitioning from office to remote work, and the persistent feeling of it being just as soul-draining. When one works from home, the boundaries between personal and professional life blur, exacerbated by our constant accessibility through smartphones. In this scenario, individuals find themselves perpetually on-call, which is a shared experience.

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