[TGIF] Heat Waves or Winter Blues

Fresh tracks from up-and-coming artists. It's TGIF!

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Welcome to "Thank God It's Friday" where we dive into the latest musical releases that have been setting our "earing pupils" on fire. As we bid farewell to another exciting week, we can't help but celebrate the incredible tracks that have graced our ears in recent weeks. From infectious pop hits to electronic and rock-ish stirring records, this post is dedicated to showcasing the best of the best. Get ready to discover your new favourite songs and let the music take you on a captivating ride. It's time to turn up the volume and embrace the magic of these incredible releases. Let the music speak, and let the weekend begin in style.

Kalyja Rain – Heat Waves

Prepare to be enchanted by the captivating sounds of Kalyja Rain, as she unveils her latest track, “Heat Waves“. With a nice slow indie rock feel that exudes a melancholic retro vibe, Rain’s lovely vocals never fail to engage, drawing you into her story, and making it feel like your own. The track’s gorgeous vibe can be likened to the ethereal qualities found in the works of artists like Ben Howard and Jewel. “Heat Waves” boasts a perfect buildup and production, leading to an irresistibly catchy chorus that will have you hooked from the first note. The masterful use of acoustic guitar and the ability to infuse relevance into the lyrics add depth to the song that resonates deeply. Kalyja Rain‘s music embodies the essence of an old soul, blending folk and pop influences, with a transparent and alluring storytelling style, drawing on the rich tapestry of her experiences and upbringing in the mountains of Northern California. With over a decade of touring and music creation under her belt, “Everglades” is a testament to her enduring passion and unwavering commitment to her craft. In Rain’s music, you’ll be transported into the wild, where every sensation comes alive, as she retells stories of love, loss, protest, and progress, leaving you holding on tight to the last lines, eagerly awaiting what’s next.

Kowloon – Fish The River Dry

Kowloon, hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, is both a musician and a filmmaker. His inaugural album, titled “Come Over“, is a masterpiece that he crafted within the confines of his home studio, located in the industrial outskirts of the city. This album seamlessly melds vintage synthesizers, drum machines, and pulsating bass lines with vocals that draw inspiration from iconic artists such as The Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, and Sly Stone.
Two years and some singles later, Kowloon comes with fresh fish: Debuting on KCRW, “Fish The River Dry” serves as a tribute to the creative journey, taking cues from the iconic Talking Heads. It unfolds with a rhythmic, loping bass, commanding drumbeats, smooth electric guitar melodies, and production reminiscent of Eno’s style. The lyrics transition from a stream of consciousness in the verses to a jubilant chorus, enriched by a harmonious blend of multitracked voices. Every aspect of this composition, from the writing and recording to the production and performance, is the handiwork of the talented Kowloon.

Philine Sonny – Take A While

With her latest release, Philine Sonny invites listeners into a contemplative journey through the emotive soundscape of “Take a While“. The track elegantly unfolds with atmospheric guitar chords, leading to a resplendent and expansive chorus that encapsulates a contrasting perspective to the notion of lost hope. Sonny’s lyrical narrative encourages resilience and persistence in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, offering a compassionate message to those grappling with the delicate balance between vulnerability and enduring pain. “Take A While” not only showcases Sonny’s artistry but also provides a heartfelt reminder of the strength found in embracing one’s vulnerability in the midst of adversity.

Pony Girl – Wannabe

Pony Girl, a master of artpop, is celebrated for their unique and evocative soundscapes, pushing the boundaries of pop-rock with astonishing musical depth. Their 2022 debut album, “Enny One Wil Love You“, received multiple nominations and won two Capital Music Awards. Their 2023 sophomore album, “Laff It Off“, offers a more hopeful and playful perspective, contrasting with the introspective nature of their debut. Pony Girl, originally a self-releasing indie collective from Ottawa-Hull, has now joined Paper Bag Records, showcasing their kaleidoscopic blend of pop, turning everyday life into mesmerizing melodies with rock and electronic production, earning them recognition for their musicality and stagecraft. Multi-genre and multi-faceted, Pony Girl is a band worth adoring.
Pony Girl has now unveiled their latest record, “Laff It Off“, also through Paper Bag Records. The album features singles like “I Believe In Nothing“, “Laff It Off“, and “Highways” and is accompanied by a new music video for the focus track, “Wannabe“. This song explores the theme of stage fright and the feeling of being like a clown on stage, reflecting the idea that we all play roles or put on masks in various aspects of our lives, whether as musicians or in everyday situations.

Walter The Producer – THEY TOOK THE NIGHT

Introducing the latest electrifying release from the enigmatic artist, Walter The Producer, titled “THEY TOOK THE NIGHT”. Recorded at Slumbo Labs in Brooklyn, this track is a testament to Walter’s musical prowess, as he effortlessly combines elements of indie, disco-pop, and alt-R&B to create a captivating sonic experience. Drawing inspiration from legends like David Bowie and Daft Punk, Walter crafted a unique sound by speaking over the beat, giving the song an intriguing narrative. “THEY TOOK THE NIGHT” delves into the world of bank robbers, with lyrics that evoke a sense of adventure and intrigue. At just 20 years old, Walter The Producer has already made waves in the music scene, showcasing his innate talent as a multi-instrumentalist and self-produced artist. With his debut project, No Substance Mixtape, gaining viral attention, he continues to solidify his place in the industry, all while maintaining a mysterious aura that leaves listeners eager to discover more about the person behind the music.