Jenny XII’s “Open Up to Me”

Dive into "Open Up to Me", an indie rock odyssey brimming with a hypnotic rhythm and vocals that ooze sophistication and depth.

In the late 2000s, brothers Dylan and Zack Burns, initially part of the family band The Herald Beat while studying at the University of Colorado, showcased unique guitar work and genre-blurring drumming reminiscent of early 2000s emo in their two albums. After pursuing separate interests on different continents, the siblings reunited with a new project, Jenny XII, now joined by bassist and sound engineer Brian Matthew. Brian brings his skills to the debut self-titled LP, contributing bass, electrifying guitar solos, vocal harmonies, and enhancing the album’s precision and composition, drawing from his extensive musical background.

Jenny XII, as a trio, awakens a dormant musical essence in their self-titled debut album. Their music traverses both jubilant triumphs and reflective, lived crises with confidence and finesse. Thoughtful compositions are interwoven with intricate guitar work, underpinned by rhythmic drumming that carries emotional weight. Lyrical bass lines harmonize with ethereal vocals and synths, creating a distinct sound. The album’s production, helmed by Kevin Ratterman and masterfully mastered by Joe Lambert, combines elements that resonate with both introspective thinkers and adventurous souls. This musical journey beckons listeners into a rhythmic trance, offering a feast of words and sounds for all generations.

Their first single, “Open Up to Me“, is an entrancing and rhythmic exploration of indie rock, where every instrument harmoniously sways, creating a dreamy atmosphere. The track features captivating rhythms, an enticing structure, and vocals that are both patient and rich, making it a mesmerizing musical experience from start to finish.

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