Noé Solange’s “Wilting”

Life is made up by blooming and wilting fases and so is Noé Solange's latest single.

Noé Solange, a London-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist, explores the realm of downtempo electronica in her music. After the release of her single “Nocturnal Lady“, this Dutch-Indonesian-Surinamese artist (yeah, because she is also a pretty talented photographer!) has introduced more intricate and distinctive electronic compositions to her repertoire. Weaving together influences from her diverse heritage and global upbringing, as well as drawing inspiration from the natural world, Noé takes her listeners on an immersive sonic journey. Through a skillful fusion of her cultural roots, melancholic soundscapes, progressive synths, and harmonious vocals, she creates a captivating tapestry of sounds that is uniquely her own.

Now she returns with “Wilting“, a hypnotic electro track following her acclaimed work like “Bloom” and “Bound“. This new release explores more introspective, moody themes, shifting from growth to moments of stagnation and wilting. Despite the melancholic undertones, hints of hope emerge, reflecting the cycle of self-care and resilience. Noé‘s lush vocals blend seamlessly with minimalistic instrumentals, featuring dreamy synths and ambient textures. “Wilting“complements her earlier work, hinting at the possibilities in her upcoming EP, promising more sonic exploration and instrumental richness.

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