Meet the adventurous pop fusion of Cosmorat’s newest “S.A.D L.U.V”

A journey through womanhood and self-fiscovery.

Cosmorat, a dynamic musical project led by Taylor Pollock and Olly Liu, is a testament to the power of artistic exploration and collaboration. Taylor’s upbringing in a small town in Pennsylvania provided the foundation for her musical journey, which began in bars, garages, and basements. Together with Olly, they discovered a shared love for Alabama Shakes and blues music during their college days. They’ve since honed their skills in recording engineering to create textured, emotionally charged compositions that use guitars, vocals, and lyrics to paint vivid sonic landscapes.

Cosmorat’s newest release “S.A.D L.U.V” weaves a musical tapestry that’s as refreshing as it is eclectic. This track takes the best of pop and infuses it with a generous dose of quirky, alternative charm, creating a sound that’s reminiscent of No Doubt but imbued with modern elements. The song is an emotional journey, inspired by singer Taylor Pollock’s experiences transitioning into womanhood. It carries a powerful message about leaving behind innocence and embracing the unknown world of adulthood. The vocals are both confident and powerful, reflecting a journey filled with self-discovery and transformation.

“I thought getting older would change me and people would mature, but unfortunately, some things are so embedded into our culture and some things were so lodged into my brain that unlearning that self-hatred has taken years. This song was very cathartic for me to write as it feels like I am finally working out of my diffidence and forgiving myself for the years of self-deprecation caused by not matching the standards of what a lot of people expected me to be.

“We kept this arrangement sparse and organic to make it feel like we were all a bunch of kids playing around in the kitchen, hitting bottles and pans, chanting along together. I was very inspired by the old handshakes and games my friends and I would learn, but I tried to put it in a more mature setting. I hope when people listen to it, they think of Carrie and her rage.”

The song’s brilliance lies in its ability to captivate the listener from the very first note. “S.A.D L.U.V” is both catchy and irreverent, making it a potential game-changer for Cosmorat. With a mix of sweet melodies and salty lyrics, it invites the audience to reflect on their own life experiences and embrace their individuality. This track, with its vibrant pop textures, showcases the band’s talent and originality, setting them on a trajectory towards stardom.

About Cosmorat:

In their quest to make meaningful music, Cosmorat delves into the depths of late-stage capitalism, exploring the complexities of human nature and morality. With the addition of Lorenzo Burgio in London, the band has expanded their sonic horizons, introducing breakbeats, samples, and bombastic drums to their unique sound. Cosmorat’s music is a vivid reflection of their shared passion for creating powerful emotional responses and immersive sonic experiences.

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