Favourite Colours’ “Railing” trip

Nostalgia is one of the most universal feeling in the human realm and it gets easier to understand on this post-punk piece!

Favourite Colours is an emerging indie band hailing from Helsinki, fronted by the talented songwriter-producer Aaro Seppänen. Their music is a captivating blend, capturing the ethereal allure of Cocteau Twins and M83, while delving into the introspective depths reminiscent of Joy Division. With a potent and atmospheric sonic landscape that seamlessly melds electronic and organic elements, their music serves as a portal, transporting listeners from the mundane grayness of reality to the heights of vivid purple skies. Favourite Colours marked their debut with the release of “Better” on July 21.

Two singles after and we are now waiting for “Summer ’13“, the band’s debut album.
Drinking directly from summer’s tap,”Railing” encapsulates the thrill of a carefree summer escapade through Europe on an Interrail adventure. The song delves into the act of reliving this past experience within one’s thoughts, evoking a sense of euphoria tinged with bittersweet nostalgia. The warm, dreamy atmosphere, enhanced by reverb-soaked guitars and lush synth textures, conjures associations with bands such as Tame Impala, Beach Fossils, and Real Estate. “Railing” is a preview of what to expect from Favourite Colours‘ “Summer ’13“, slated for release on October 27th.

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