Lily Kershaw’s Captivating New Release: “Depreshmode”

A haunting melody and deep reflections on depression and a vocal masterpiece

Meet the world where emotions intertwine with enchanting melodies as Los Angeles singer and songwriter, Lily Kershaw, returns with her highly-anticipated single, “Depreshmode“. This beautifully crafted track is a masterclass in acoustic storytelling, combining the delicate strumming of an acoustic guitar with Lily’s hauntingly beautiful voice. It’s a sonic journey that draws you in from the first note and keeps you spellbound till the very end.

Depreshmode” is an intimate revelation of Lily’s personal experience with prolonged depression, a theme she approaches with remarkable openness and humour. The song showcases her extraordinary vocal prowess, every word echoing with profound meaning. Produced by Brandon Walters, known for his work with the likes of Lord Huron, this track offers one of the most exceptional vocal productions of the year. Lily’s touching simplicity flows naturally throughout the song, making it a therapeutic and contemplative experience, allowing listeners to find immense happiness within its serene embrace.

In this extraordinary release, Lily Kershaw blends the gentle pop elements of artists like Lana Del Rey with the ethereal folk ambience reminiscent of The Weepies and Lord Huron. “Depreshmode” it’s a musical decompression, exploring the depths of melancholy while providing a sense of catharsis. This single is a glimpse into Lily’s upcoming album, scheduled for release in 2024, and promises to be a profound chapter in her musical journey.

About Lily Kershaw:

Lily Kershaw‘s musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable. With her debut album “Midnight In The Garden” in 2013, featuring the breakout single “As It Seems” she garnered millions of streams and critical acclaim. Over the years, her music found its way into popular TV shows like Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, Finding Carter, and more. Lily continued to captivate audiences with her 2018 EP “Lost Angeles” and her 2021 sophomore album “Arcadia” receiving accolades from Nylon, American Songwriter, Vulture, Earmilk, Refinery29, and more. Her live performances alongside artists like Radical Face, Mason Jennings, The Weepies, and Joshua Radin, have further solidified her presence in the music industry. With over 80 million streams to her name, Lily Kershaw is a force to be reckoned with.

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