Mildfire’s journey with “Persona Non Grata” is a beautiful homage to being human

Emotional indie rock anthem unfolds the complex layers of regret and self-reflection

Dive into the world of Berlin/Oslo-based collective MILDFIRE as they release their debut EP, “Drinking Salt Water” featuring the mesmerizing focus track, “Persona Non Grata”. This emotionally charged anthem is a musical journey that unfolds layers of self-reflection and the complexities of regret. The EP marks the beginning of a thrilling trilogy leading up to their debut album, set to release on February 24.

Persona Non Grata” captivates from its very first notes, with a powerful blend of drums and haunting vocals that hook the listener. The track takes its time, gradually building with emotional intensity. As it progresses, the chorus emerges as a soft, yet emotionally resonant centerpiece, consolidating the raw emotions conveyed by the vocals. Around the 1.30 mark, the track undergoes a transformation, shifting from indie pop to indie rock, building up to the breathtaking “Persona Non Grata” chorus. An exquisite solo instrumental, just after the two-minute mark, adds an introspective depth that sets this track apart. The main vocals, harmonized with powerful choruses, allow the listener to connect with the music and evoke their own emotions.

This is a track that delves deep into the theme of feeling like an “unwanted person” particularly to oneself. The song explores the self-destructive patterns we sometimes fall into, chasing fleeting pleasures that ultimately leave us empty. It reflects the difficulty of breaking these patterns and starting anew, navigating life without the familiar guiding star. The track also touches upon the concept of regret, emphasizing that dwelling on past mistakes is futile; we cannot change the past. This contemplative piece encourages self-forgiveness and reminds us that we must acknowledge the times when we did make the right choices.


MILDFIRE is a dynamic composer collective with roots in both Oslo and Berlin. With over a decade of experience in the Norwegian and German music scenes, the members have played and composed for various bands and musical projects. Their diverse roster includes names like Team Me, Astrosaur, Synne Sanden, Antonia Grossman, Moddi, Cezinando, MesaVerde, and Einar Stray Orchestra. MILDFIRE is a creative hub where they elevate their creativity to new heights, pushing the boundaries of exploration and limitless expression.

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