“Here’s the Email” from Silent Forum

We tend to mix both worlds pretty easily: Personal life is not a job and corporate life should be far from home!

Silent Forum introduces their upcoming album “Domestic Majestic“, set to release on February 23 via Libertino Records. The band’s unconventional sound, described as multifaceted pop with subtle hints of dark energy, is a textured pop-post-punk that defies traditional song structures. Hailing from Cardiff, London, Bristol, and Barcelona, they’ve been aptly compared to an “uncouth Talking Heads” and carry the progressive pop essence of XTC and the new wave idiosyncrasy of Squeeze, creating a punky, yet not punk, musical experience.

Straight off “Domestic Majestic“, “Here’s the Email” represents the band at its most post-punk and destructive. The song delves into the life of an office worker, now working from home, and cleverly juxtaposes corporate-themed lyrics with a chaotic and jagged guitar backdrop, creating a raw and intense musical experience. It captures the essence of the disgruntled worker’s perspective in the modern world, where the lines between corporate life and personal space blur, resulting in a vivid portrayal of the frustrations and dissonance associated with remote work. Silent Forum‘s “Here’s the Email” is a compelling exploration of this contemporary theme within the framework of post-punk music.

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