Let Loose and Feel Better: Odd Beholder’s Electrifying Journey

You are not going to regret this artist. Meet Odd Beholder.

Dance, expel energy and be happy.

Who hasn’t decided to take their anger, their killer style or that moment when we’re upset and do something strange, different, vengeful or even thoughtless?

We need to let go, follow the rhythm, and live as if we had no unresolved issues: switch off our heads and release all the energy we have.

And we let go. We’re alive again.

Today we wander the streets of electronica and electro-wave to Switzerland. We find our way free, loose and untethered with Odd Beholder and her charismatic style of sharing her art almost as if she were breathing. Stay with her.

Odd Beholder is the alter ego of Swiss musician Daniela Weinmann. Her actions blend between the artist and the person – or, in this case, the person and the artist. Just Because I Regret It is the first sample from her third album, Feel Better, to be released at the end of the year.

And it’s amidst an electronic beat that recalls the best of the 70s and 90s that we almost enter 2024 on a romantic journey about ourselves, our actions and our freedom to do good, bad or just nothing at all: that thoughtless attitude that we don’t even know if it’s good or bad for us or for others.

The infinite rhythm repeats in our heads on a loop, almost as if it has taken over our instincts, our being and our beliefs: we don’t want to stop dancing – or listening to the artist.

Back on earth after an endless dance floor, we know one thing for sure: Feel Better is a disc to look out for when celebrating the beginning of 2024—a WtMM recommendation.

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