Fiona Maura’s “Rabbit Hole”

On the personal mission to find herself, Fiona Maura's "Rabbit Hole" is a tool for everyone in the same situation.

Fiona Maura is a dream pop songstress hailing from Florida’s space coast (but now, Nashville) and she seamlessly blends modern folk melodies with chillwave aesthetics, creating an atmospheric and ethereal sound enriched by ambient synths and lo-fi waves. Influenced by artists like Jewel, The Celtic Women, Alison Krauss, AURORA, and Billie Eilish, Fiona‘s distinctive style explores transcendent experiences and mystical imagery. Raised in a musically inclined family with strong Irish and folk roots, she performed at Florida folk festivals with The Chalmers Family Band, a journey that later paved the way for her solo performances at the same festivals. After earning a degree in Recording Industry and Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University, Fiona is poised to release her whimsical EP “Rabbit Hole“, embodying her creative essence and free-spirited charm.

The first single off this EP shares the same name and it is here! About “Rabbit Hole“, Fiona told us: “I wrote this song in 2020 after going down the rabbit hole we all traveled through that year. I finished it in my childhood living room beside my parents on Christmas Day. It holds a special place in my heart as it integrates deeply rooted folk elements from my upbringing paired with lyrical inspiration from my spiritual awakening. Producing this was magical–sprinkling in psychedelic electronic elements transporting listeners on an enchanting journey inward of self reflection and enlightenment.

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