Malachi Graham’s “Together for the Kids”

In the depths of overwhelming darkness, there are moments when you must raise your voice to break the spell.

Indie songwriter Malachi Graham of Portland intricately weaves her incisive lyrics and inventive sounds around the intricacies of personal relationships, delving into themes of codependency, unraveling loves, chronic pain, grudges, flings, and self-boundaries in her solo work. Her music spotlights her emotive vocals and empathetic storytelling, set against a backdrop of collaborative instrumental arrangements ranging from electric guitar to contemplative synths and mournful fingerpicking.

Introducing her forthcoming album “Caretaker“, Malachi Graham presents “Together for the Kids” as its debut single. The album, born from a turbulent breakup that unveiled various forms of unhealthy behavior, sees Malachi embracing a more rugged sound to navigate a tumultuous journey. Her skillful yet direct lyrics serve as a lens to scrutinize themes of codependency, crumbling love, enduring pain, grudges, flings, addictions, and the limits of self.

Together for the Kids” provides a stark glimpse into the album’s unflinching exploration of the human psyche. In the midst of a stagnant relationship, the caregiver often forgets what they’re tending to, and even the darkest connections might have originated from profound love, a disquieting truth. When the darkness is all-encompassing, sometimes you have to shout to shatter the enchantment. This track was spontaneously recorded in a basement in a single take, capturing the poignant longing and tension, building into a brooding crescendo of cathartic, growling electric release.

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