Experience the Timeless Magic of Wonderland’s Epic Pop: “I Ask You”

An epic journey towards success. Meet Wonderland.

Wonders, charms and dazzle.

Every day we fall in love with something. Whether it’s a destination, food, clothes, a person or a piece of music.

We go crazy, lost in love with that moment that makes us dream, that makes us comfortable, with a crazy buzz in our bellies and a desire to do more and better.

Today is one of those days. And it’s with Wonderland that we discover this crazy desire to listen to that more epic, unique pop that we want to hear loudly, screaming. Listen to I Ask You.

If during the winter, in London, we have the famous Winter Wonderland, all year round, from the same place, we have the band Wonderland. And it’s no coincidence that this magic is spreading to all four corners of the world: the band is made up of Freddy on vocals, Peter on guitar, John from Australia on drums and Simon bringing all these experiences together as the mixer for the whole adventure.

Ambition is part of this journey, and Wonderland fulfil it superbly: they have labelled their music at the top of the pop charts, with names like Queen, The Rasmus or Madonna being very well represented in all the band’s biographies.

Their first EP, Road to Destruction, was released in April 2023. And today we’re highlighting I Ask You, the second song on the disc.

I Ask You is definitely an irreverent experience: we feel like we’ve gone back to the 80s and 90s when epic pop ruled the radios and everyone’s imagination. It’s a song that you can hear blaring everywhere, with the feeling that you know all the verses by heart. The piano, guitar, drums and voice collaborate in unison, with well-written lyrics and a luxurious instrumental.

Would it be difficult to put the most recognisable 80s-90s pop/rock bands to shame? Certainly, but Wonderland have managed to reach those peaceniks with this debut. A song to remember, to listen to loud and clear on your best stereo.

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