Kandle’s “Live a Lie”

With sharp-witted lyrics, Kandle illuminates our societal fatigue, compelling us to reconsider the price of our collective pursuit of a counterfeit existence.

Hailing from British Columbia, the singer-songwriter Kandle Osborne is a captivating embodiment of catharsis. Seamlessly blending elements of a cabaret chanteuse and an ambitious rock vocalist, she delves into the depths of human emotion in her blues-infused melodies, addressing themes such as heartbreak, sexual assault, chronic illness, and the loss of empowerment, offering her listeners a profound emotional release through her rich, honeyed voice. Inspired by luminaries like Nancy Sinatra, Billie Holiday, and Shirley Bassey, she draws from the powerful women of bygone eras, infusing her music with heartfelt sincerity in a modern era often dominated by overproduced perfection. Kandle‘s music is a testament to her unapologetic honesty and vulnerability, yet it remains a source of empowerment, even when confronting life’s most weighty moments.

Kandle‘s upcoming album, set for a spring 2024 release, is kickstarted by her bold new single, “Live A Lie“. Marking her return as a self-produced force to be reckoned with, this fearless artist defies categorization, drawing from a diverse range of influences including Portishead and PJ Harvey. “Live A Lie” is a hypnotic glimpse into the artistry of this Canadian composer. With incisive lyrics that cast a spotlight on the societal exhaustion we grapple with, Kandle challenges us to question our collective pursuit of a counterfeit existence and the toll it exacts. Propelled by her haunting vocals, Jeffrey Mitchell’s infectious guitar riffs, and Yato Noukoussi’s tight percussion, this track is destined to be your incessant earworm. Her forthcoming album, the culmination of her lifelong musical journey and a profound understanding of the industry’s toll on body and heart, is arguably her most potent and unflinchingly honest release, a tribute to the encompassing darkness and the bonds it forges among us.

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