King Dream’s “Wild Card”

"The Wild Card" is King Dream's first work coming out off the upcoming "Glory Daze V".

King Dream, led by Oakland native Jeremy Lyon, is a Bay Area rock ‘n’ roll band known for crafting heartfelt and cerebral dive bar anthems. Their music seamlessly blends the raw energy of American rock legends like Springsteen and Petty with the psychedelic vibes of ’60s West Coast music and the contemporary spirit of bands like My Morning Jacket and The War on Drugs. Lyon and his band have an impressive track record, having performed at notable festivals like Outside Lands and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, toured both nationally and internationally, and even experienced the gritty reality of busking on the streets.

King Dream‘s songs strike a delicate balance between optimism and world-weariness, showcasing a wisdom beyond their years and an ability to captivate listeners with their catchy choruses and fiery guitar solos, evoking a sense of wistfulness and wanderlust that resonates deep within.

King Dream‘s soon-to-be-released album, “Glory Daze V“, is set to make its debut in January, with the jangley but powerful “The Wild Card” marking its inaugural single. Lyrically strong, filled with stylish guitar works and driven by Lyon’s friendly smooth voice timbre, the band told us that it was “Written in one sitting ahead of the 2020 election, it felt like we’d been stripped of our freedom and democracy over the past four years. Our whole perception of reality was through the lens of a mainstream media that militarized and polarized people into two camps through fear mongering. The 2020 fires were a dystopian hellscape. We couldn’t go anywhere, we had no power, it rained ash, and looked like something out of Blade Runner”. We watched people murdered by the law on YouTube. I felt like a hypocrite, wanting diversity, marching against police brutality for BLM, yet living in the country, in an overwhelming white friend group I’d found through playing indie/rock and folk/americana music.” 

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